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QR Code? What's that?!

The Today show is using QR Codes--did you watch as they had a QR code on the screen this past week? It was set up to get you quickly and easily to their website, linking you to the charities they helped to promote over this holiday season. Many restaurants have gone to this process for their menus too. Super fast and less contact (especially during Covid) than a traditional paper menu. QR stands for Quick Response code; these data imbedded images point to a website. QR codes are showing up everywhere.

VDTA-SDTA is using QR codes too! If you downloaded the new Members Benefits packet, or received a flyer in the past few weeks from VDTA-SDTA you will notice a QR code in the corner. Just use your smart phone, hover over the QR code image, and presto--you automatically go to the site or webpage connected to the QR code! It's an easy way to guide you to the related website page for more info.

As we create more from VDTA-SDTA, you will see these QR codes often.

If you are curious as to how these interesting looking image codes started, here's a little insight


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