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Membership Made Easy

We did it! Made the leap from the flurry of manual invoices for Membership renewals, to a new easy-access online platform! Whether you are an independent dealer or an associate member you can renew (or join) and complete your membership info all in record time.

Go on over to our Membership page, scroll down and you will see the online payment platform. It's totally secure, and you receive your confirmation in seconds. Once you have completed your renewal or first-time membership, watch for the confirmation email. This contains a link to the membership form (yes, we would appreciate ALL members--new and renewing fill out so we have up-to-date records) with a few simple questions. You can upload your required business docs here too.

Thank you all for your patience as we move this Membership process online. You will have faster access to your Membership Benefits (and soon our new Members Only Portal) too.

What's next? Current members--watch your inbox for your annual renewal reminder, and then hop on the website to get all squared away. Looking to be a member? Please join us. We are so happy you are here!


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