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The 40th Anniversary of VDTA-SDTA!

The Vacuum and Sewing Dealers Trade Association has a HUGE milestone just around the corner. It's the "Ruby" Anniversary of VDTA-SDTA!

Here's the expedited VDTA timeline. 40 years ago, VDTA was started by Charlie Dunham and Dick Beall. When Dick passed, Judy Patterson took over as the President of VDTA. Under her direction and with a dedicated team, they grew VDTA—adding SDTA. They evolved into VDTA-SDTA, and continued to run the association for many years.

This past March some major changes took place, coinciding with the onset of COVID-19, that no one could have foreseen. In July, Cindy Cummins and the CKC Management team were able to resume association operations and are energized to lead the VDTA-SDTA into a new era!



We are ready to CELEBRATE! Help us honor our rich 40 year VDTA-SDTA past, the present (we made it thru 2020!) and the bright future of the Vacuum and Sewing Dealers Trade Association. Meet the new management team, and say hello to some new and "old" faces.

Our annual cocktail event may look a little different this year (wait ‘til you see the skyline view from our party room!). What remains the same--your VDTA-SDTA family is ready to reconnect, and have some FUN!!

Reserve June 11th at 6pm to meet us at Skyview 5 & 6, Bally’s Hotel, in the Resort Tower. There will be special awards, prizes, and a few surprises too. You do not want to miss this 40th Anniversary soiree!


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