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Tell Me Something GREAT!

We watch what's happening in Las Vegas, especially as we get closer each month to the VDTA-SDTA trade show in June. This just in from the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority. And YES, it's fantastic news!

February 16, 2021

"We are pleased to let you know that restrictions in Nevada will be loosened, demonstrating confidence by the governor and healthcare experts that the destination is prepared to safely welcome and host meetings and conventions in the near future. The governor made the announcement last week and issued his full directives over the weekend.

Nevada continues to show a reduction in the spread of the virus and an increase in vaccine distribution, both positive signs that we will be able to host shows soon. Per Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak, the following directives will be in effect:

  • Beginning February 15, 2021, gathering mandates were increased to 35 percent capacity or 100 people, whichever is less.

  • Beginning March 15, 2021, a host or venue may hold a conference, convention, trade show, professional seminar or similar gathering activity for more than 250 individuals, but no more than 1,000 individuals.

  • Plans for large gatherings may be submitted, although no events may resume until March 1 and only if granted approval by applicable local health and state authorities.

  • Should the state's infection and positivity rates continue to trend positively, Sisolak indicated he will remove state mandated restrictions and turn control over to county officials by May 1.

Sisolak addressed the convention industry specifically during his press conference and said, "I want to help relaunch our missed and needed convention business including the World of Concrete convention taking place in Las Vegas this June. I want to see business travel to Nevada make a comeback, boosting our economy and putting folks back to work."

As we approach the June 12-15th VDTA-SDTA show, we will be providing additional updates about Las Vegas. We are planning a safe return to gathering, with the help of our partners at Caesars, Paris/Bally's and Shepard Expo Services. Some things may look a bit different from past years, but we are preparing. We are excited (that's an understatement!) to welcome you back to Las Vegas!


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