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Survey Says...

Yep, we are asking questions and anxiously waiting for your answers! It's the first (of many!) surveys we will be sending to our members and industry partners over the course of the next few months. We'd love for you to join in the conversation.

THIS survey topic is all about the annual trade show. We want to hear what plans you have in the works. There are lots of decisions to be made as we near the June 12-15, 2021 VDTA-SDTA show in Las Vegas. Are you ready to attend?

We will be sending an email with link to the survey form on February 18th, so watch your inbox. All replies need to be in by February 28th. Your feedback and direction are important as we plan for this big event!

Didn't get the email with the survey link? Drop us a note at and we will send it along pronto. Make your voice heard. We are listening.


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