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SewVacology :: Your NEW Membership Site!

SewVacology, your new Members-Only site for VDTA-SDTA is getting ready to launch in November! It's been several months in the making (and one of our top projects here). We are SO ready to get this party started. AND are excited to designate this next month as "Member November".

The new membership site is THE place to connect with other VDTA-SDTA members, access your store membership info, member resources and discounts, forums, groups, and more to come. In the next few days, you will get an email invitation to our "soft-launch". You will be able to log-in and update your member details.

Please Note!! Your dealer updated information in this site is more important than ever! This dealer info you place in this site will be used to generate the brand new VDTA-SDTA Dealer locator! So be sure to watch your inbox for the invite, then login the site and update, and watch as the fun unfolds. Member November is just for YOU.


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