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NEW Membership Level!

After the VDTA-SDTA 40th Anniversary trade show, we looked closely at our membership options, and realized we were missing an important one. We are pleased to announce that we have a new membership opportunity for retailers that no longer have Vacuum or Sewing Dealerships. This NEW Retired Membership Level will allow these members to stay in touch with the Association and be involved.

As a Retired Member of VDTA-SDTA you offer a wealth of knowledge to share with our current retailer member base. Come to convention for Networking, present a Class or Seminar, be available for industry questions (via messaging or email), and most important--serve as a mentor!

To become a Retired Member of VDTA-SDTA please visit to start your membership. If you have any questions about this membership level or any membership questions please contact Heather at


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