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Each One Teach One

Training, Seminars, and Programs are at the core of the VDTA-SDTA trade show. We are looking for a few GREAT leaders! Join us in Las Vegas June 12-14, 2021.

  • Do you have some great business or social media ideas and tips to share? We need YOU!

  • Are you willing to train other dealers how to achieve the same success you have enjoyed? We need YOU!

  • Is there a panel that is important to your industry you would be willing to lead? We need YOU!

  • Can you meet up with new(ish) dealers to help mentor? We need YOU!

This year more than ever, we have received requests from dealers that are seeking new direction for their business. Pivot has been the retailer theme for the last year. Dealers value what they learn and from their retailer peers and professionals. Consider what you can contribute. This industry needs you and your experience.

The Seminar & Program application is available HERE. Please apply by March 1, 2021.

Each One, Teach One. It's how this industry will continue into the future. Be part of the exchange.


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