2017 VDTA Convention


Improved CanSweep Inlet Valve

When it comes to choosing a sweep inlet valve for central vacuum systems, installers and homeowners have a variety of choices available to them, but the aim is always the same. Everyone wants an inlet that is easy to install and use, looks great, and most importantly, works well. The Vaculine CanSweep sweep inlet certainly meets all of those criteria.

The improved CanSweep sweep inlet valve is the ultimate in convenience, value and design. "We received a couple of samples, and I gave them to my crew to test. They came back raving about the ease of installation," states Troy Evans, COO of Stark's Vacuums of Portland, Oregon.

With the innovative horizontal rear outlet design, installing the CanSweep is simple and quick. William LaMonica Sr, Owner of Enhancement Systems Central Vacuum in New Jersey stated, "When the CanSweep first came out, we were very impressed by its ease of installation for our installers and how easy it is for our customers to use. When we saw the test video, it outperformed all the others. It has a bigger opening for larger debris and reaches out from the unit to suck up more dirt. We highly recommend the CanSweep and use it all the time."

Along with easy installation, the CanSweep offers excellent suction power. "The new CanSweep is a big improvement over the old one. My customers are liking them. It is much quieter than the competitors, the fit and finish is nice, the installation is simple, and the video is really awesome, putting the competitor to shame," praises Roland Fillion, President of Vacuum Depot of Winnipeg, Manitoba. "I've had no negatives on it. It's new and improved, it closes and seals, picks up almost everything, easy to turn on and off with the foot, and comes in a variety of colours."

Keep an eye out for the Show Special at September's VDTA Trade Show in Niagara Falls, ON, where Vaculine will be presenting the CanSweep along with other innovative central vacuum products.

Reprinted from Floor Care & Central Vac Professional, September 2017