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From Store to Online Enterprise:
Home Revolution's Managed Services

Home RevolutionIs your business plateauing? Are you looking to develop your company and transform your storefront into an established organization?

The highest opportunity for growth and profits in our modern, technological world is through online selling platforms, whether through standalone e-commerce sites or third party marketplaces.

But how do you break into this sphere if you don't have the expertise?

The Home Revolution team has begun sharing their experiences by offering key services to business owners and sellers. Their goal is to provide assistance for the retailer's journey of development in the online sphere.

The Experience of Home Revolution

Home Revolution began on the product side with quality, private-label home and lifestyle products. Jay Goldberg, CEO of HomeRev, realized the challenge for online sellers to find quality goods while controlling their profit margins. In this way,
he developed a business model that would minimize the supply chain and eliminate the procurement middlemen, leading to higher profit to sell online. Within this model came experience and knowledge about innovative methods of selling, marketing, and online strategy.

Home Revolution then realized that all business owners could benefit from their web-based strategic management experience. Thus, Home Revolution's line of managed services – Seller's Choice– was born.

The goal of these Seller's Choice services is twofold: 1) to explore and develop current companies not growing to their full potential 2) to establish sellers' businesses online.

These service categories include:

      • Social media management and development
      • Email marketing
      • Content creation and graphic design
      • Sourcing/producing/providing including private labeling, marketplace listing optimization, listing creation, and management
      • e-commerce website design and management.

The Managed Services Process

The first step in this selling "revolution" is a deep-dive into the client's company. Home Revolution's knowledgeable team extensively reviews and researches the client's brand, from product to advertising to consumer demographics and beyond. They then determine the services most relevant to that business and create an actionable, prioritized plan moving forward.

For example, Home Revolution would look at a brick-and-mortar store selling a plethora of lifestyle units. They may determine that the supply chain can be drastically cut through direct procurement. They may also find that lifecycle monitoring can better help the brand find their profitable niche. They may then discover that a majority of this business's customers are online shoppers.

In this way, Home Revolution would develop an e-commerce website for the business including site design, product listings, content development, brand identity improvement, and even site management services. Home Revolution would take care of this process A to Z so business owners can focus on the consumer and future growth of their company.

The Bottom Line

Whether you are considering moving your business online or already have an e-commerce platform, Home Revolution's Seller's Choice Managed Services can grow your business to the next level. These services work to optimize listings, marketing, and brand identity towards the exponential development of the client.

Home Revolution uses their accomplishments and experience to cultivate a brand and renew sellers' time and energy towards this development. Their personalized services make them the "Seller's Choice" for online and brick-and-mortar businesses who are looking to grow at accelerated speeds through proven experience, a knowledgeable team, and a professional online platform.

Reprinted from Floor Care & Central Vac Professional, May 2017