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bObsweep's Home Robotics Built to Last

Robotics company bObsweep has emerged as a premier maker of multi-functional robotic vacuums. 2011 marked the birth of their iconic bObsweep Standard, boasting the company's signature 5-in-1 cleaning formula: the ability to vacuum, sweep, mop, UV sterilize, and HEPA filtrate all with just one machine.

Now six years later, bObsweep's advances in the industry have helped cement their reputation as a trusted name in home robotics. The brand is beloved for their ever-growing selection of personified robovacs. Their best-selling model, Bob PetHair, features an extra-long main brush and a 1000-mL dustbin. At nearly three times the size of the average robotic vacuum's dustbin, this means holding more and emptying out less often.

In 2013, bObsweep released bObi, sister product to their original "Bob." bObi maintains the standard of cleaning that customers have come to expect – with style. She's a sleek,
quietly powerful bot that gracefully glides under furniture for
extra pickings. Both products revolutionized the domestic sphere by introducing over a quarter-million households to automated floor cleaning.

Built to last, every bObsweep is equipped with an on-board self-diagnostics system and guarantees a lifetime of customer service. And with an increasing number of service centers in the US and Canada, users can easily replace parts and maintain the efficiency of their Bob or bObi. Every bObsweep arrives to customers as ready members of the family, and is equipped with everything they need to get started on their new cleaning chores. A quick glance at customer reviews reveals that the brand has successfully earned a reputation as a family favorite, as well as a robotics innovator.

Today in 2017, bObsweep is breaking the mold of home robotics with their newest creation, Dustin. The epitome of science fiction, Dustin features a sharp, elegant design and all-new smart home controls, including a carbon fiber reinforced metal chassis and smartphone-customizable cleaning routes. As of today, Dustin will be the only robotic vacuum on the market that navigates using time-of-flight (ToF) sensors, which are so accurate the robot can accommodate previously problematic obstacles, from ornate area rugs to glass doors in the home environment.

To learn more about bObsweep, visit them on the web at www.bobsweep.com

Reprinted from Floor Care & Central Vac Professional, May 2017