2017 VDTA Convention

VDTA May 2017


BEAM Celebrates Product Innovation,
Dealer Excellence at VDTA

Beam 2017
BEAM kicked off its 60th Anniversary year at VDTA
showcasing is history, new products, and promotions.

Complete with popcorn, balloons, and a wide assortment of products, BEAM kicked off its 60th birthday by meeting with dozens of dealers, unveiling new promotions, and celebrating a Hall of Fame dealer at the 2017 VDTA•SDTA Convention in Las Vegas.

"Our focus in 2017 is to showcase BEAM's rich history as a global leader in central vacuum technology, dealer support programs, and our
vision to continue to lead the industry," said Tomas Horvath, Global Sales Director for BEAM. "We are offering a variety of promotional programs to help our global dealer network grow their business throughout our anniversary year."

Since its founding, BEAM has set a gold standard for central vacuum product innovation, the industry's largest network of independent installing dealers and distributors, dealer support, and global sales. Today, the company produces nearly one-third of all the central vacuum systems installed around the world.

Ken Chamzuk is among the many dealers who built the BEAM network and was honored for his 34 years of service to the industry by earning induction to the VDTA Hall of Fame.

Described as the "face for central vacuums in Canada," Chamzuk was instrumental in developing the central vacuum business in western Canada. He recruited and trained dealers from Manitoba to the Pacific Ocean. In 1993, he founded his own dealership, Best Built-in Centre in Vancouver, B.C., and expanded the business to additional locations in Coquitlam and Surrey, B.C.

The VDTA convention not only offered an opportunity to commemorate BEAM's rich history, but also served as a showcase for its innovative product offerings and sales promotions.

The top product highlight for 2017 is the BEAM Precision Powerhead. It is the only electric power brush that includes four levels of height adjustment for cleaning tile, hardwoods, carpet, and even the increasingly popular super-plush carpets. The Precision is the first central vacuum powerhead featuring Brushroll Tangle Remover. A simple press of a pedal lowers a blade that cuts hair and fibers that wind around the brushroll – eliminating the painstaking task of removing hair and fibers with scissors or taking the powerhead in for service.

Dealers also had the opportunity to compare the full line of BEAM power units, led by the BEAM Alliance, including a special 60th Anniversary BEAM Alliance that will be available in Canada. The BEAM Alliance system delivers quiet but powerful cleaning capability and a hose-handle communication display that alerts the user of any interruptions in air flow, when to empty the bucket, or when to call for service. Its unique press-and-release collection bucket also makes it fast and easy to empty collected dust, dirt, and allergens.

A signature of the brand, the booth also featured the BEAM Serenity Quiet series – the most successful central vacuum product line in the industry's history – on display. Serenity marked the first truly quiet central vacuum and remains a top seller throughout North America. Dealers also had the opportunity to try the entry-level BEAM Classic, a dependable workhorse.

The company also showcased new analog technology so that both the Precision Powerhead and BEAM Q cleaning sets can be used with Serenity Series and Classic Series power units. This allows the earlier models to provide hose-handle communication and the ability for the user to adjust cleaning power.

Contact your BEAM sales representatives to learn more about promotions and dealer support programs to grow your business.

BEAM Central Vacuums is a division of Electrolux Home Care Products, Ltd. Celebrating its 60th Anniversary in 2017, BEAM is the world's leading manufacturer of central vacuum systems. BEAM products are sold in more than 50 countries.

Ken Chamzuk, Kevin Elliott, and Tomas Horvath BEAM Precision
BEAM Dealer Ken Chamzuk (center) of Vancouver, B.C.
earned induction to the VDTA Hall of Fame. Pictured with Chamzuk at the induction ceremony are Kevin Elliott (left),
Senior Sales Manager for BEAM Canada, and
Tomas Horvath, Global Sales Director for BEAM.
Among the featured products at the show was the
BEAM Precision, a versatile powerbrush that can
clean bare floors to super-plush carpets. And it cleans itself!

Beam Popcorn

Reprinted from Floor Care & Central Vac Professional, May 2017