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VDTA May 2017


Me-Made-May is Here!

Connect with your customers by asking them how they celebrate Me-Made-May

ME-Made-MayMe-Made-May has arrived, and for those of you unfamiliar with the event, it's a month-long sewing and crafting challenge created by writer Zoe of the blog "So Zo…What Do You Know." Participants endeavor to wear self-made items throughout the month of May with a pledge on Zoe's blog site. The challenge works on both a personal and community level, as an individual sewist or group can participate. For instance, a single sewist might pledge to wear a self-stitched clothing item every day or a group might pledge to wear five "me-made" items a week between its members.

So how can you – the independent retailer – benefit? Ask customers, "How are you celebrating Me-Made-May?"

The customer who is familiar with the month-long challenge will launch into their plans, and you get to learn what garment projects they've completed or are currently working on. This information can help you decipher your customers' product needs, make recommendations, and connect on a deeper, creative level.

The customer unfamiliar with the challenge will likely ask, "What's Me-Made-May?" Now you have a chance to explain the month-long event, and add that, "It's not too late to join in!" Hand out a flyer with Me-Made-May information, provided by the VDTA•SDTA upon request. Especially encourage your customers to complete an Un-Finished Object, or "UFO" as Zoe says, by the end of the month. In fact, completing a UFO in May is a pledge that Zoe highly encourages participants to make.

Ask what object the customer wants to complete, and offer product recommendations that could make their pledge easier. Urge them to take a picture of their completed "UFO." Post these pictures in your store's showroom or on your store's Facebook page. Use the challenge of Me-Made-May to highlight the love of sewing that surrounds your store and your community.

Contact the VDTA•SDTA for an electronic copy of the "Me-Made-May Info" flyer to distribute in your store. Basic information is as follows:

Me-Made-May IS:

  • Taking pride in your sewing and crafting abilities, no matter your skill level.
  • Wearing and re-wearing handmade items throughout the month, building a more sustainable wardrobe.
  • Completing an unfinished project.
  • Discovering the next sewing technique you'd like to learn.
  • Building community with other sewists in your area.
  • Challenging! Push yourself, and you'll love the sense of achievement.

Me-Made-May IS NOT:

  • A Contest of "Selfies": No need to focus on photo-fame. Photos are fun, but not required.
  • A Reason to "panic-sew": As Zoe's blog says, don't try to sew a whole new wardrobe. Rather, re-discover items you've created –
    or started – in the past and re-integrate them now.
  • A Rivalry: Don't despair if someone's serger skills are better than yours, if their budget for fabric is bigger, etc. Find unity in a shared hobby.

Email heather@vdta.com for the Me-Made-May Info flyer, Or Download Here.

Reprinted from SQE Professional, May 2017