2017 VDTA Convention

VDTA May 2017


Soft High-Pile Carpet Woes Solved
at 2017 VDTA Floorcare Convention

The Lindhaus three point Soft High-Pile Carpet Solution was chosen as the problem solver of the year! Lindhaus unveiled the final stage of their three-point Soft High-Pile vacuum kit at the 2017 VDTA Floorcare Convention. Dealers fell in love with this solution for vacuuming the new polyester and nylon high-pile carpet.

"Introducing this at the VDTA show is exactly what this convention is about," said Cliff Brady of Lindhaus. "Consumers have had this carpet installed only to find, to their surprise, that their vacuum will not move through the carpet. They push, pull, and almost have a hernia just trying vacuum."

Independent floorcare professionals need to be educated and prepared with answers for their customers' greatest problems. The three point solution, offered by Lindhaus, not only solves the problem of ease-of-use, it actually cleans better as a result. So-called "lightweight vacuums" aren't much of an answer because the also come with lightweight performance. A quality, high performing vacuum that pushes easily on this carpet is the only answer that professional floorcare stores should ever endorse.

No single modification was going to solve this problem. So Lindhaus attacked the issue at three levels.

Level 1. Increased height adjustment range. Every Lindhaus on the market currently features an expanded height adjustment range with an axle and base design modified to keep the nozzle at the optimum angle for cleaning – all the while reducing the force needed to push the vacuum through deep carpeting.

Level 2. Increased brush propulsion. A high majority of the soft high-pile carpet is made from polyester fibers. Lindhaus offers a specialty brush designed to increase brush propulsion without increased wear of the carpet fibers. The proprietary material and configuration of this brush not only make the Lindhaus vacuum much easier to push, but also increase performance on this hard-to-clean carpet.

Level 3. The Venturi principal. Many dealers have taken to drilling holes in the baseplates of vacuum cleaners to relieve suction and make it easier to push. This only works at the expense of performance. Vacuum cleaners drilled with holes are not going to clean very well… which is why Lindhaus employed a precise set of venture jets with its new soft high-pile carpet plate. The placement and shape of each jet was designed using a complex formulation based in aerodynamics to increase performance while reducing suction gripping.

Working together, these three features make any Lindhaus Upright the ultimate solution for this tough-to-clean carpet.

Reprinted from Floor Care & Central Vac Professional, May 2017