2017 VDTA Convention


Rong, Sean, Jin, Craig

Hizero Finds its Way to
Success through VDTA

By Hizero Technologies

Hizero Technologies feels fortunate to have attended the 2017 VDTA Trade Show and Convention. We hit the ground running with a new invention: an amazing floor cleaning tool. At the VDTA Show, we at Hizero finally found our way to success.

Many thanks to Tom Berkshire who introduced us to the VDTA.
I can still remember the first time I called Craig Dorman for more information about the association and the show. Craig has been so inspiring and helpful ever since. I have to say he's the mentor of Hizero.

Without a doubt, Hizero was an exceptionally popular booth at the 2017 VDTA Show. Hizero's feature floor cleaning product uses bionic technology, but not like standard vacuum tech. It's inspired by animals and their cleaning abilities. Due to unique bionic technology, which conserves a lot of energy, the Hizero 4-in-1 (sweep, mop, dry, and self-clean) mop can be used 60 to 80 minutes after each charge and is extremely quiet.

We are glad dealers liked the product, and seeing their reactions to our product demos made us feel like magicians performing a show. I think I could be the next David Copperfield!

A dealer friend came to my booth and told me, "Jin, I saw the Hizero video you sent me, I really liked it. But I showed it to my husband and he didn't believe. So I brought my husband to look at your booth." I smiled and asked her astonished husband,
"Do you believe it now?"

The best part of attending the VDTA Show was accepting the "2017 New Product of the Year" award on the stage in the exhibit hall. "Should we go jump up on the stage or take the stairs?" I asked Sean, CEO and inventor of Hizero, "Never mind, we always take unusual steps, like our product." And so we hopped on up!

We met so many nice people at the show, and many of them gave us useful suggestions. It's like entering into a new world, and we finally find our way to success. The dealer vacuum channel is perfect for Hizero because we have such a new and unique product. Demonstrating directly to consumers is one of the best ways to sell the Hizero 4-in-1, as they can see for themselves how well it works. And by creating a new category which also meets consumers' strong floorcare needs, Hizero can help dealers increase sales revenue!

See you in Charlotte, 2018. Hizero will bring more innovative products to VDTA Show. Let's have fun!

Reprinted from Floor Care & Central Vac Professional, May 2017