2017 VDTA Convention

VDTA May 2017


H-P Products Exhibits at VDTA 2017

H-P Products 2017H-P Products had a successful VDTA show, visiting with many dealers and showcasing its line of VACUFLO®, Element®, and Dirt Devil® central vacuum systems and Vroom® and Spot hose management accessories.

To meet consumer and dealer demand, H-P Products offers a wide range of central vacuum filtration methods including VACUFLO True Cyclonic® and Filtered Cyclonic, Element Permanent Inverted Filter, and the Disposable Bag series.

Hose management systems were also a focal point of the
H-P Products exhibit this year including Vroom, Spot, and Hide-A-Hose. Vroom is a quick-clean central vacuum accessory for everyday cleanups in high-traffic areas of the home, storing up to 24 feet of hose in a 3-inch space-saving box design. Spot central vacuum accessory features 15 feet of hose and is readily available to clean specific areas, of the home including laundry rooms, pet areas and more. Hide-A-Hose is a retractable hose system that enables a homeowner to use a central vacuum system with ease and store up to 50 feet of hose within the wall.

H-P Products 2017
H-P Prodcuts 2017

H-P's booth design utilized the product displays available to its dealers. This design allowed dealers to visualize ways to use these displays in their own home show booths and showrooms.

H-P's booth also featured the Flex Connect Central Vacuum Connection Kit. Flex Connect makes difficult central vacuum connections and installations easier and faster, and directly connects to all spigot fittings and 2″ PVC central vacuum tubing. Whether you're installing, servicing, or replacing an automatic dustpan or Vroom® quick-clean accessory, Flex Connect will simplify the process, make complicated installations easier, and help you avoid unnecessary trips into the crawlspace or basement, reducing a 30-45 minute job to just 5 minutes. With a heavy-duty stretch hose and unique quick-connecting fittings, all you need to do is align the fittings, connect the hose, and twist to lock ‒ it's that simple to have fast, professional installations every time. Coltrin Central Vacuum from Boise, Idaho, inventors of the Flex Connect, were on hand to demo the product and answer questions.

For more information on H-P Products Central Vacuum products and programs, please visit www.h-pdealersfirst.com or call 1-888-281-3705.

Reprinted from Floor Care & Central Vac Professional, May 2017