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VDTA May 2017


Founding Fathers

"Cana-Vac is now poised to offer its customers the
best range of 'all things vacuum' while at the
same time streamlining its costing structure to
withstand pricing pressures."

The 1970s were years of promise, creation, and innovation: the birth of the first microprocessor – the 4004 – is released by Intel; "Pong," the first video game to have commercial success, is released; and while Bill Gates and Paul Allen create Microsoft, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak create the Apple Computer Company.

Promise and creation surrounded floorcare as well. While Toronto's CN Tower is finally completed to become the world's tallest freestanding structure, the central vacuum industry is being birthed.

It was during this time an ambitious Jean Beaulac embarked from humble beginnings doing repair work on sewing machines and vacuum cleaners from the basement of his home, later opening his first retail store in Rawdon, Quebec. From this start-up blossomed what is today Johnny-Vac Distribution.

At the same time, inventor Leonard Budd founded Budd Vacuum Co. and began manufacturing central vacuums from a tiny workshop with a dream to populate homes everywhere with his vacuum system of the future, "Cana-Vac."

As the years progressed, so did success for these fledging companies, and in 1992, Jean created a new filter manufacturing company, Fibrofiltre 2000 Inc., and the Johnny-Vac® trademark was born. Meanwhile, Cana-Vac founder Leonard Budd sold his company to David Lawrence, and it became Cana-Vac Systems Inc. This company set its course in history to become one of the world's largest suppliers of private label central vacuums along with its own brand, Cana-Vac®.

But as with every great story, the triumphs are countered by sacrifice and loss. In 2015, a very much respected and loved Jean Beaulac passed away, leaving behind his legacy and forever cementing himself in memory atop the pillar of those honored in our industry.

The climate today of the central vacuum industry has changed. In the global economic era of dot.com marketplaces, Chinese outsourcing with lower cost pressures, and unrealistic consumer expectations bred from box-store mentality, the central vacuum landscape finds itself altered and confronting new consumer buying habits.

It was prior to Jean's passing that Jean Beaulac and David Lawrence met, setting the course for a stronger future which saw a merging of strengths to ensure success and continued growth – one that honors the past yet embraces the revolution of this industry's future.

That vision finally came to fruition on March 2nd, 2017 when Cana-Vac Systems Inc., after months of planning, was sold. Alexandre Beaulac and Enrico Rimondi of Johnny Vac Inc. and Marvin Lewis, three well-seasoned industry professionals, founded a new company and purchased Cana-Vac®.

Marvin Lewis, President, will run the day to day operation of the company with Johnny Vac Inc., running independently despite ties in ownership.

The new company and the sum of its two parts means Cana-Vac is now poised to offer its customers the best range of 'all things vacuum' while at the same time streamlining its costing structure to withstand the increasing pricing pressures of today's global marketplace, ultimately giving their customers a competitive edge.

From janitorial supply, canister vacuums, central vacuum hose management, accessories, and of course Cana-Vac central vacuums… Cana-Vac is the clear choice for one-stop shopping convenience! And so marks the beginning of a new chapter for our industry, one with a bookmark as three seasoned individuals join ranks among founding fathers as respected industry alumni.

Don't miss your opportunity to become a Cana-Vac® dealer while there are still territories available!

For more information on Cana-Vac visit www.canavac.com or contact Cana-Vac at 1-888-226-2822.

Reprinted from Floor Care & Central Vac Professional, May 2017