2017 VDTA Convention

VDTA May 2017



A Great Time with So Many Dealers at 2017 VDTA•SDTA!

At the 2017 VDTA•SDTA Trade Show and Convention, it was exciting to hear so many dealer success stories from the past year and chat with dealers in person.

Check out Dalene's DIME story below:
Wayne WalkerIn January 2016, we attended the VDTA•SDTA Convention knowing we would be closing one of our two stores upon returning home.
We discovered that the store manager was embezzling from us. We were also still new to the sewing and embroidery market and didn't
have a large customer base yet. There was worse news waiting, but suffice it to say, we were afraid we'd have to completely close
our business after 13 previously successful years.

The last day of the 2016 convention, we entered the DIME booth and met with Wayne Walker. Wayne took a chance on us and helped
us get started as a DIME dealer. DIME made the difference and helped us turn things around. By the time we attended the
2017 VDTA•SDTA Convention in February, we had completely dug ourselves out of our financial hole. DIME brought in new customers,
helped our existing customers get excited about their machines again, and helped us achieve record sales after each DIME event.

We are so grateful to the DIME educators and staff who have helped us this past year, and we look forward to
continued partnership and growth with DIME.
~ Dalene, McDonald's Vacuums, Arkansas City, KS

During the VDTA•SDTA Show, Eileen Roche also introduced over a dozen new products and two new events. The class was packed at the Dime Prime New Product Reveal! Eileen and the team have been very busy creating some of the most innovative products that will get your consumers buying in 2017! Look for more information about DIME Vintage Chic in SQE Magazine coming soon! In addition, DIME gave away $100 poker chips to dealers who attended the class. Everyone really enjoyed getting to order anything they wanted (up to $100) from dime's growing product catalog.

Does your store need 50 BRAND NEW Customers that spend over $2,000 each? From small towns to big cities, dime is helping dealers increase profits everyday!

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Reprinted from SQE Professional, May 2017