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Clothworks at VDTA•SDTA Show: Tipping the Scale

ClothworksClothworks Textiles, www.clothworks.com, attended its first VDTA•SDTA Trade Show in Las Vegas this past February. "We came away excited by the contacts we made and the potential to grow our business," said Ted Hoffman, President and CEO of Clothworks, a Seattle-based fabric company.

"We had spoken to Craig Dorman of the VDTA organization for a number of months before we decided to come on board and attend," continues Hoffman. What tipped the scale was the number of calls we were getting from sewing machine dealers who had never sold fabric before, but were interested in seeing our lines. After several of these calls, we decided there were probably more stores that could be reached at the show front & center.

We at Clothworks understand that the needs of machine dealers are a bit different than the typical quilt shop. As a result, we tailored our show specials accordingly. We felt that the most important thing was telling a compelling story about what we can offer rather than presenting ourselves as another purveyor of fabrics. With that in mind, we decided to feature two brands that consumers are really getting behind: American Made Brand & Frou-Frou Paris.

American Made Brand (AMB) is a new fabric brand singularly focused on creating 100% American-made textiles. We like to say, "Our fabrics are not just made here, they are grown here." Since we launched with our 75 colors of AMB Cotton Solids, we have preferred placement in close to 700 fabric retailers nationwide. It's not just that we have a great product, it's because the end-consumer totally relates to this being a completely USA sourced, woven,
and dyed product. One of the hottest trends around is the surge in modern quilting, and modern quilting is all about solids. We think we have the perfect product for this customer. For more information on AMB, see us at

Frou-Frou Paris is our new line of French fabrics, notions, and accessories from Paris-based Paritys, a supplier of haberdashery products in France for over 70 years. In 2016, we became the exclusive supplier of Frou-Frou and felt that VDTA was the perfect place to show off the full product line.

Sewing machine dealers are in the business of helping people learn the fine art of sewing, and with Frou-Frou Paris, we really have a compelling product.

Frou-Frou Paris fabrics, rich lawns, voiles and poplins are perfectly complemented with a complete color-matched set of threads, spaghetti, bias, buttons, and ribbons. The line also includes a wide variety of sewing boxes, scissors, and accessories. To see all the products now available to US customers, visit us at www.clothworks.com/frou-frou.

We are looking forward to next March and participating in the show in Charlotte, NC. In the meantime, if you're interested in talking with us or seeing one of our sales reps, you can contact us at info@clothworks.com or 1-800-874-0541.

Reprinted from SQE Professional, May 2017