2017 VDTA Convention

VDTA May 2017


Anita Goodesign:
Go Behind the Scenes in 2018

Anita Goodesign
Anita Goodesign
Anita Goodesign

Each year, the Anita Goodesign team looks forward to attending the VDTA Trade Show and Convention. It is the one show that brings together the majority of our dealers, no matter machine brand. Since our designs are compatible with all machine brands, we find it difficult to access our dealers in one location. Yet having this type of encompassing access lets us communicate with our dealers, answer questions they have, and promote products and educational opportunities. Communication is vital to successful relationships with our dealers, and VDTA offers that face-to-face interaction we would not get otherwise.

Additionally, this annual convention afforded us the opportunity to meet new potential dealers from across the country. Just as connecting with current dealers is so very important, having access to stores that do not yet carry our product remains vital to our growth and success. Again, without VDTA we would not have the occasion of meeting and connecting with these exciting new partners.

This gathering also allows our team to meet vendors who supply the notions everyone in this industry uses. As a result of VDTA, we have partnered with cutting edge vendors in the thread, fabric, and stabilizer industries, just to name a few!

Looking Ahead
Anita Goodesign is SEW excited to welcome VDTA to our hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina in March 2018. We have great new growth ideas in both the product and educational realms that we look forward to sharing. We are excited to show our current and prospective dealers some true southern hospitality by allowing them to see "behind the scenes." Visitors will be able to see how our designs and products are created from original artwork to the finished product.

We will be offering factory tours beginning Thursday, March 22 and welcome everyone attending the convention to stop by.

Look for more exciting details in future VDTA publications!

Reprinted from SQE Professional, May 2017