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Why is Sew & Vac in Huntsville, AL
so successful selling Inspira Cabinets?

Sales require an ongoing commitment. It takes persistence, energy, and focus... and most importantly you must have the product on display.

We recently visited our dealer Donna Cagle of Sew and Vac in Huntsville, AL to see why she has been so successful selling our INSPIRA line of sewing machine cabinets. SVP Worldwide offers a line of sewing machine cabinets in both Ready-to- Assemble (RTA) and Pre-Assembled (PA) selections. You can choose from the Create and the Inspiration & Caddy models in RTA or PA, and we also offer the Crafty Folding Sewing Table. All are available as a drop ship from our partner Arrow Sewing Cabinets.

Sew and Vac's system is simple...if the product is on display, they can sell it. Donna allows her passion and excitement for the product to shine through, and all of her machines are displayed in a cabinet. Customers can see the product, touch it, and try it out.

Donna's future plans for the Inspira cabinets include setting them up at Janet Sansom sewing retreats throughout 2017. Janet is known nationally for her beautiful embroidery designs. Customers will experience how it feels to sit, sew, and embroider comfortably when they are invited to set up their machines on an Inspira cabinet while attending these retreats.

Donna says setting up these cabinets is well worth the effort and maintains that business will triple when she takes the time to display her products. If an opportunity presents itself where Donna can sit a customer at a cabinet, she will take advantage of the situation.

For more information on our line of cabinets, contact svporders@svpworldwide.com

Reprinted from SQE Professional, March 2017