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Pixelock - 2017 Latest Breakthrough in the Password Management Service

It's a new year and some things have to change, like how about workers spare the IT help desk the tedious work of coming down all the way to their offices to help reset their forgotten work computer passwords every month or stop flooding their email inboxes with messages of 'reset your password' links. People can all kiss those troublesome situations goodbye this year.

Pixelock is a service that allows users to generate and regenerate secure and unforgettable passwords. Selecting memorable 'Click Points' on an image creates a super secure password; by re-clicking these same points, the password is re-created.

It's that simple - on the outside
On the inside, a proven invincible algorithm generates super secure passwords and in an additional feature unique to Pixelock, the site does not store passwords anywhere but simply allows users to regenerate them when required. This means if the site ever is hacked, no passwords can be uncovered and stolen, however, only the users can access them conveniently from any location or device.

Setting up a Pixelock Pro account allows users to securely save additional information such as usernames and other log-in info, and they even can upload their own personal images to make their 'Click Points' even more unforgettable.

The Pixelock Pro account also eliminates phishing by connecting users directly to the authentic website every time. In addition to that, users can choose to use Pixelock Lite to anonymously generate and regenerate secure and unforgettable passwords without any registration or further details.

See more now at www.pixelock.com

Reprinted from Floor Care & Central Vac Professional, March 2017