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How you can turn one blogger's sewing resolution into an opportunity for more sales.

Last summer, the VDTA•SDTA featured an article about one sewist's journey through "Me-Made-May," a month-long challenge to wear a hand-made piece of clothing, jewelry, or accessory every day of May (though each sewist can set their own goal and timeframe).

This year, we are ahead of the "8-ball" and want to bring this phenomenon to your attention plenty early, as it presents a wonderful business opportunity.

Me-Made-May is a sewing and crafting challenge created by writer Zoe of the blog "So Zo...What Do You Know." Into its 7th year now, the month-long phenomenon invites participants to make a pledge about wearing so many hand-made items on a regular - even daily - basis. The challenge works on both a personal and community level, as an individual sewist or a group can make a pledge. For instance, a single sewist might set a goal to wear 4 self-stitched clothing items per week, or a group might aim to wear 1 "me-made" item a day between its members.

The "So Zo" blog also clearly outlines what Me-Made-May isn't, to set participants' minds at ease.

  • Me-Made-May isn't a plea for "selfies." While taking pictures is a fun part of the challenge and allows participants to share their creative endeavors while staying accountable, it is not about the photo-
    fame. Moreso than projecting their efforts outward, Me-Made-May encourages people to look inward and discover how they can build a more sustainable wardrobe.
  • Me-Made-May "isn't a reason to panic-sew," as Zoe's blog says. The challenge is more about
    re-discovering items you've already created and how they integrate into your everyday lifestyle.
    However, that doesn't mean you can't encourage customers to make one or two items throughout
    March and April in preparation for the event.
  • Me-Made-May isn't a competition. Me-Made-May is no reason to despair if someone's serger skills are better than yours, if their budge for fabric is bigger, etc. Instead, it is about coming together and
    finding unity in a hobby and lifestyle we all love.

On the other hand, Me-Made-May IS:

  • A chance to re-wear handmade items throughout the month. So what if you wear that hand-made skirt 3-4 times throughout May?
  • An excuse to complete unfinished projects.
  • And most importantly, an opportunity to show customers how their independent sewing retailers can help them complete this challenge better than going it alone or buying through a Big-Box store.

Do your customers know about Me-Made-May?
Would they want to participate if they knew more?
Visit www.sozowhatdoyouknow.blogspot.com
for details and check back on the blog regularly to sign up.

Reprinted from SQE Professional, March 2017