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Letter from the Editor

I'm writing this letter as I look out the window here at our office in Iowa as the rain pours down. Yesterday we had 71 degree weather and sunshine. Two weeks before that snow flurries dotted the air. What happened to six more weeks of winter?

As March arrives, who knows what the weather will do. I've always found March to be the most unpredictable month, as any form of precipitation is likely, plus fog, winds, and sun. I can never tell if March is going to stay a "winter" month, or if it heralds the coming of Spring.

In many ways, the weather of March coincides with the VDTA Trade Show and Convention perfectly. No, not because it is chaotic and unpredictable, but because it's a time of amalgamation: snow and sun, old and new.

March is a time for all who attended our trade show and convention to consider the amalgam of everything they've seen and learned. What is old and what is new. What should go and what should stay. We've heard from dealers that coming away from business conventions can be overwhelming: they've seen so many new products and heard a lot of stellar advice...but it is sometimes challenging to know where to start or what will fit their store best.

If you're feeling overwhelmed with all that you've learned - from the convention or from elsewhere - take heart in that you are doing great things to move your business forward. If you feel stressed when reflecting on the many ideas you took away from the trade show, just remember ... the maddening weather of March always figures itself out. The temperature stabilizes, green starts to grow, and the seasons pass.

If the month of March can do it, no doubt you can too. Trust yourself and connect with your fellow dealers to find the best route for YOUR success.

Reprinted from Floor Care & Central Vac Professional & SQE Professional, March 2017