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Johnny Vac Grows Leaps &
Bounds Through DNP Motors

Dean Petrosewicz of DNP Motors and Enrico Rimondi of Johnny Vac are pleased to rename their partnership with the re-introduction of DNP Motors – Johnny Vac – USA.

Enrico Rimondi, Vice President, Johnny Vac; Alexandre Beaulac, President, Johnny Vac; Dean Petrosewicz, President, DNP Motors

In November 2014, Johnny Vac named DNP Motors as its exclusive distributor of products and parts in the United States, and now that initiative continues to strengthen. The two companies joined forces into one powerhouse with over 67 years of combined experience and an unparalleled passion to serve North American floor care retailers. The new headquarters are now located in the DNP Motors Distribution Center in Houston, TX.

In the last couple of months, Petrosewicz, president of DNP Motors, traveled to Montreal to meet with Enrico Rimondi and Alex Beaulac of Johnny Vac. Together they strategically configured a plan for 2017 and beyond. In the first major announcement of their new partnership, DNP Motors – Johnny Vac – USA issued a promotional flyer to dealers across the United States to advertise their enhanced product offerings, which include canister vacuums with power nozzles, deluxe garage kits, central vacuum kits, plus janitorial products such as blowers and side- and down-press wringer bucket combos, just to name a few. In fact, they plan to continue reaching dealers with these flyers and other promotional materials every 30 days to ensure retailers stay updated and take advantage of DNP Motors – Johnny Vac – USA's tremendous growth. In addition, the biggest introduction is set for the fall when DNP Motors - Johnny Vac USA will introduce its U.S. version of the pre-existing Johnny Vac website. The emphasis will be on U.S. pricing, U.S. stock availability, and a U.S. dealer locator.

The partnership between DNP Motors and Johnny Vac comes after each company firmly established themselves within the independent channel.

Johnny Vac, a Canadian-rooted company, was founded by the late Jean Beaulac. Upon realizing that independent dealers in Canada were in need of a parts distributor for all brands of vacuum cleaners, Mr. Beaulac established Distributions Jean Beaulac Inc. in 1982. In 1992, the Johnny Vac trademark was born, and in 2008, Distributions Jean Beaulac Inc., changed its corporate name to Johnny Vac, Inc. Today, Beaulac's son Alexandre serves as the president of the company. Enrico Rimondi serves as the vice president of operations.

DNP Motors made its debut in the floor care industry in March 2011, with Petrosewicz having previously served as the president of Genvac. Seeing the potential and profit from the industry, Petrosewicz found a career first as a representative for VCP International. Journeying to Slovenia to consider a brand of motors, VCP found a good fit with Domel, and Petrosewicz helped establish the VCP Motor Division.

Today, DNP Motors – Johnny Vac – USA has significantly increased its inventory and believes further evolution will come through central vacuum units/kits, commercial vacuums, scrubbers, and of course, Jan/San products.

DNP Motors – Johnny Vac – USA and Domel executives enjoy time together at the show.

With the partnership, they are looking forward to selling Domel, Ametek, and an array of motors within the newly targeted U.S. market in addition to the U.S. version of the Johnny Vac website.

"We are building a company on bedrocks instead of sand," said Petrosewicz, "which means building business around the customer. We are committed to earning the trust of retailers, learning their needs, and rising to meet those needs so we are both successful."

Rimondi, vice president of Johnny Vac, said he is also looking forward to growth in the U.S. market. Entering his 23rd year in the industry and having worked his way through the ranks at Johnny Vac, he said with experience, "There's been an absence of representation in the central to western United States. People knew about Johnny Vac but didn't know how to get it, and some dealers would have a longer turnaround time with product orders. We are excited to remedy that."

Without a doubt, dealers were impressed with the partnership, as DNP Motors – Johnny Vac – USA exhibited at the 2017 VDTA's international trade show and convention in Las Vegas, NV, in February. Petrosewicz said the convention was the perfect place to solidify the commitment that DNP Motors – Johnny Vac – USA is making to independent dealers.

Johnny Vac showroom, Montreal, Canada

"Our participation at the convention showed dealers that we are dedicated to strengthening the independent dealer network and helping small businesses succeed. It was about being present and having one-on-one contact with the attendees. We not only explained what DNP Motors – Johnny Vac – USA has to offer but we showed how our product line-up can expand profits and bolster success."

If you are ready to expand your business horizons, contact DNP Motors – Johnny Vac – USA today by calling Dean Petrosewicz at 281-969-5433 or 800-514-DEAN (3326).

Email dean@dnpconsultants.com or look us up online at www.johnnyvac.com. Please note DESCO is also a distributor for Johnny Vac in the East Coast.

Reprinted from Floor Care & Central Vac Professional, March 2017