2017 VDTA Convention

VDTA-SDTA June 2017


HoopSisters Mystery Quilt is Here!

Each June, HoopSisters releases their annual Mystery Quilt and this year's Mystery Quilt is titled Wild Good Chase! Customers come from all over to download the Mystery Quilt, having no idea what it actually looks like! Each week they receive a new set of design files and over a six week period, use those files – including written and video instructions – to make the blocks. As the weeks pass, customers continue guessing how the layout will piece together. By the sixth week, customers have all the design files and finally get to see the quilt layout they've been making. 

When customers visit the HoopSisters website to purchase the Mystery Quilt during the month of June, they get the files at a special price of $79 for designs valued at $280! After June 30th, the price goes up. When purchasing, customers are asked to name their local quilt shop, and HoopSisters then uses that information and any EmbroidaBlock of the Month dealers also participating in Mystery Quilt to give away a free HoopSisters pattern for every customer who listed their shop! It's a great way for HoopSisters dealers who are running EmbroidaBlock of the Month classes to earn free inventory to use for classes or just to sell. 

For shops, this requires no sample making, no file distribution, and no classes! It's simply telling your customers to list your shop. And it brings in shoppers who need supplies to make the Mystery Quilt. Shops see fabric sales, Trimmer By George 2.0 sales, Battilizer sales, and more!

If a shop is not an EmbroidaBlock of the Month dealer, the shop can't benefit from the free patterns for inventory… but they can still benefit from the add-on sales of supplies their customers will need to make the quilt. 

It's a lot of fun so encourage customers to check it out! The Fabric & Thread Key is available now for download, and the design files will be available for purchase June 1st. By downloading the fabric and thread key in advance, customers were entered into an All Access Pass drawing to win the Mystery Quilt files for free!

Visit www.hoopsisters.com

Reprinted from SQE Professional, June 2017