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Stories About Hizero:
What is Bionic Tech and Why Does it Work?

Hizero Founder
Technology engineer and
HIZERO founder Sean
Sean explains and
demos bionic technology
Hizero's cleaning roller is inspired by a dog's tongue

Ever since Hizero exhibited at the 2017 VDTA Show and won New Vacuum Product of Year, dealers and consumers from all over the world are admiring the Hizero F801 cordless 4-in-1 mop with applied bionic technology. This new technology is set to lead the development of trends in the cleaning industry for the next decade. Let's introduce this innovative technology and the story behind it:

Have you ever found that some vacuum cleaners lose their suction power after a period of use? Have you experienced adverse reactions to a vacuum's airborn waste? Do you also hate the level of noise when vacuuming?

These problems plagued users when the vacuum cleaner was invented more than 100 years ago and are still something consumers face today. Why? This should start with technical principles of the vacuum.

A vacuum cleaner inhales air along with debris, dust, and garbage. The vacuum filters the debris in the way of air flow to achieve the function of cleaning. As a result, more suction is needed for better, more thorough cleaning….which also means the vacuum will need more power. However, with more power comes an increase in noise. In other words, to make a vacuum cleaner work better, you have to endure its huge volume and high decibel noise…plus an inevitable increase in exhaust emissions.

The Revolutionary Cleaning Technology

Until today, vacuum cleaner manufacturers have had to balance the function of suction enhancement and the volume and noise. Even popular brand products are no exception.

But the new bionic cleaning technology of Hizero does not have to consider this challenge. It perfectly combines better function, smaller size, and significantly less noise! You no longer have to worry about the discharge of exhaust gas and respiratory discomfort, because there are no exhaust emissions.

Hizero's bionic cleaning technology is inspired by pets.
Look at your dog: it can use its tongue to lick almost anything from a plate or other surface. Hizero's F801 is equipped with such a "tongue" so it can clean solid and liquid waste at the same time.

Furthermore, Hizero's F801 not only cleans wet and dry debris, but can also be synchronized for sweeping, mopping, wiping, and self-cleaning and can separate solid waste and liquid waste. Thanks to the more advanced bionic cleaning technology, the F801's power-need is so low that only 40w – its lithium battery – can provide up to 80 minutes of battery life!

Why Hizero made it?

"Because we see the bottleneck of vacuum cleaning technology," says HIZERO founder Sean, "we just want to find a solution to a problem, that's it."

Sean designed a number of interesting products before he founded Hizero. His mind is full of innovative ideas, and he likes to use a unique way to design new products. "We only do different products," Sean says. "We're walking a way that someone else has never tried, and that's the HIZERO spirit."

To learn more about Hizero visit www.hizero.com

Comparison with bionic cleaning tech and vacuum cleaning tech

Reprinted from Floor Care & Central Vac Professional, June 2017