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Collecting Dust

In 1954, Hoover launched the iconic Model 82 Constellation vacuum. Along with the Model 63 Triple-Action upright, they made an unbeatable combination. Hoover cleaners were still sold by door-to-door salesmen in 1953, and many would sell the combination, or
"Twin-Sale" as they referred to it.

The Model 82 Constellation was Hoover's first "round" vacuum. Many manufacturers were trying to copy Air-Way's swivelling hose connection, and Hoover was no different. The hose of the Constellation swivelled 60 degrees: you could place the Constellation in the middle of the room and clean in a circle, never moving the cleaner.

As this model did not "float on air" (that would be the next model), the "double stretch" hose was wonderful. You could clean to the top of the staircase without moving the cleaner. The Constellation had a pink disposable bag with no supporting cloth bag – a first for a Hoover canister cleaner.

The Triple-Action Model 63 upright – "It beats… As it Sweeps… As it Cleans" – was the first Hoover upright to have a non-reusable disposable bag (type C). All other Hoovers either used a conventional cloth bag or a reusable paper bag (type W Handi-sac). The Model 63 was one of Hoover's all-time best cleaning upright vacuums. With spring mounted rear wheels, it featured automatic height adjustment for all but the deepest of rugs.

Both machines were fairly expensive for the time: the upright was $100 without attachments and the Constellation was $99. Considering that an Electrolux Model 30 (the Hoover's contemporary) was $69 at the same time in history, it wasn't always easy to sell a "Twin-Sale."

Tom Gasko

Tom Gasko
Tacony Vacuum Museum Curator

About the Author: Tom's passion for vintage vacuum designs goes all the way back to pre-school days. He sold Rainbow vacuum cleaners in high school and owned his own vacuum repair/sales business for more than 22 years. Tacony Corporation built a Museum to house Tom's vast collection of vintage cleaners, numbering more than 700 and growing. As the Curator of The Vacuum Cleaner Museum, Tom brings a wealth of knowledge as well as skill in the display and maintenance of more than 100 years of vacuum cleaner history.

Reprinted from Floor Care & Central Vac Professional, June 2017