2017 VDTA Convention

VDTA-SDTA June 2017


New Partnership Brings Cosplay
to Sewing Stores Nationwide

Senior editor of GenQ Magazine, Tracy Mooney, and art quilter Cheryl Sleboda introduce Sew Much Cosplay™, a new brand that, in partnership with RNK Distributing, will manufacture and distribute the Sew Much Cosplay™ line of products designed specifically for the market of Cosplayers.

Cosplay is a portmanteau of "costume" and "play" and Cosplayers like to dress up as their favorite characters from TV, movies, cartoons, comic books, and more. In re-creating "screen perfect" costumes, the typical Cosplayer at 18 - 29 years of age spends upward of 200 hours and anywhere from $200-$2000 on one costume, which may only be useable for the short term until the next Cosplay event. The partnership between Sew Much Cosplay™ and RNK Distributing hopes to bring new and better products to this underserved sewing market.

"I think that there is not only a lot of room for improvement with the products currently on the market, there is a lot of room between the armor-making and the sewn costumes. There is so much room for improvement in stabilizers and interfacings that would be more realistic to what Cosplayers see on the screen," says Tracy Mooney.

The Sew Much Cosplay™ product line includes a variety of tools specifically geared for Cosplayers like specialized scissors, heat cutting tools, heat guns for fabric adhesion, punches, rivets, etc. and will integrate the capabilities of 3D Printers into product creation. In addition, the Sew Much Cosplay™ website– www.sewmuchcosplay.com – will feature tutorials, products, and book reviews. Plus Tracy and Cheryl look forward to educating stores about attracting this underserved buyer. As with all brands RNK Distributing is licensed to manufacture and distribute, dealers can expect the same level of top-notch RNK dealer support.

"This new thing, idea, concept called cosplay has captured the newer, younger demographic we have been looking for," says Ricky Brooks of RNK Distributing. "Whether it's a love of comics, movies, or video games (and more!), this passion is driving them to the sewing machine to bring their favorite characters and styles to life."

Cheryl Sleboda and Tracey Mooney were noted presenters at the 2017 VDTA Trade Show and Convention in Las Vegas, explaining the kinds of products independent retailers need to attract this young market, and how to talk to these shoppers to maximize profit. The Sew Much Cosplay™ brand and collaboration with RNK Distributing made its debut at Spring Quilt Market in St. Louis, May 19-21, 2017.

About Tracy Mooney: In her work as Senior Editor for Generation Q Magazine, veteran quilter Tracy Mooney designs projects, writes patterns, and has been instrumental in creating GenQ's Cut & Sew Club, a curriculum-based program giving dealers and quilt shops the tools needed to create successful kids sewing classes. Tracy also blogs and lectures through her brand, Sew Supportive, about strategies, tools, and equipment to help people with health challenges continue sewing and enjoying the many health benefits that sewing and quilting provide.

About Cheryl Sleboda: Cheryl is a 20-year veteran executive of the pop culture and comic book industry and has been sewing for over 25 years. Trained in theatre costuming, she is an award-winning art quilter who teaches and speaks nationally. Cheryl has worked with national sewing brands about the Cosplay market and has appeared on It's Sew Easy TV in 6 episodes demonstrating projects for Cosplay. Cheryl has a line of heirloom sewing tools and patterns as part of her efforts to make heirloom sewing "cool" again. She can be found online at www.muppin.com.

About the Company: RNK Distributing is a manufacturer and distributor of high-quality, specialty Sewing, Quilting, and Embroidery Supplies for both the Commercial Embroidery and Home Crafting Industries including stabilizers, software, needles, thread, and tools. Their brands include Floriani, Jenny Haskins, Quilters Select, and Sew Much Cosplay™.

For more information, visit www.sewmuchcosplay.com. Don't let this opportunity pass you by!

Reprinted from SQE Professional, June 2017