2017 VDTA Convention

VDTA July 2017


Why Attend a VDTA Trade Show?

One Dealer's Experience and Success Six Months Later…

By Fran Tabor

The 2017 VDTA Trade Show and Convention was fun, inspiring, and busy. More importantly, it was economically beneficial!

One piece of new knowledge in particular was applied the first day I was back in my shop.
I learned about why a product I've been selling for fifteen years is even more valuable than I imagined. An industry expert who doesn't even sell this product shared his money-making knowledge.

The product: Microfiber floor cleaning pads.

For fifteen years I've been teaching people about how microfiber makes cleaning easier. I have shared how quality, re-useable microfiber is a better money buy than disposable paper systems. What I have not done is keep up with the latest floorcare research about wood and vinyl flooring.

Attending classes at the VDTA, I learned wood floor manufacturers had been plagued with many complaints about their product durability. The manufacturers' first response was to verify that the owners of the floors cleaned them frequently.

A common answer: "Yes, with the ----- I bought when my new floor was installed," naming a well-known floor cleaning tool with disposable paper pads.

Perplexed, the floor companies analyzed why that well-known system was associated with unhappy customers.

The researchers discovered that the paper pads embedded fine grit very quickly, sometimes in as little as a 3 foot by 3 foot area. A paper pad embedded with grit – sand – becomes just what it sounds like: sandpaper. The harder a person worked trying to clean his high-end wood floor, the more fine scratches he gave it.

Cloth pads, by comparison, have more give; they can hold much more dirt before risking damage to the floor. More importantly, since cloth is washable, people are less apt to re-use an excessively dirt-loaded cleaning pad.

People who use quality microfiber to clean their floors are not just saving money and effort. They are also saving their new-floor investment.

When I shared this new knowledge with customers and employees, my microfiber sales went up. In just a few months, the difference in microfiber sales over the previous year paid for our trip costs, meals, and hotel rooms. Sales are still up.

Thank you, Cliff Brady, for all the research you do and for so generously sharing your knowledge even when you don't personally benefit.

Reprinted from Floor Care & Central Vac Professional, July 2017