2017 VDTA Convention

VDTA July 2017


How to Use the Hizero F801

Cordless Bionic 4-in-1 Mop



After exhibiting at the VDTA Trade Show in February, Hizero received many intentions to order.
We wish to strike while the iron is hot, to produce and sell products as early as possible. However, as a perfectionist, Sean (CEO of Hizero) decided to upgrade some designs to make the F801 work quieter and better. As a result, the production was delayed for 3 months.

Luckily many dealer friends still remember Hizero, and we received inquiry emails during those 3 months. The first batch of Hizero F801s finally arrived in the U.S. at the end of May. Our dealer friends have got the products now, and so we want to write an article introducing how to use the F801 correctly to maximize its efficiency. Teaching consumers how to use the product will help improve customer satisfaction.

Push and pull like a traditional mop
We noticed that people are used to letting the machine go by itself. That'll likely be too slow. If consumers operate the F801 in this way, they may complain of needing to refill the clean water tank several times to mop the whole house. Rather, they should push and pull like a traditional mop.

The fully-filled clean water tank can be used for 12 minutes under mode 1 and 6 minutes under mode 2. By pushing and pulling, 12 minutes is enough to clean a large area.

Sweep only forward, mop back and forth
Like some cordless vacuum sweepers, Hizero's F801 sweeps only forward. So please follow this tip while sweeping:

  1. Clean from one side to another side, for example from right to left.
  2. If there's still garbage left behind, don't pull back! Twist the cleaning head and pull back from the cleaned area.
  3. Then push forward through the dirty area again.
  4. When there's no debris on the floor, the machine is able to mop back and forth.


Clean the sides
The Hizero F801 has a very small deadzone, especially at the two end sides. But pay attention when cleaning corners. Use the side of the cleaning head to clean directly against the wall, not the front side. As you could notice, there's about 1cm between the roller and the front head.







Preparation of roller
The new roller is dry for easy transportation and storage. Consumers need to fully immerse the cleaning roller in water before first use. Meanwhile please remind them to squeeze excess water. Otherwise some water will get into the solid trash tray.

Clean the roller
The Hizero F801 is the only mop which can self-clean all the time while using. Clean water left on the floor and dirty water goes to the dirty water tank. Consumers can usually just put it back to the charge stand after mopping because it has already self-cleaned.
From time to time, you might operate under mode 2 to clean the roller.

Chemical cleaner
At the VDTA, some dealer friends worried the roller might get mold because it's always wet. Hizero has been looking for a suitable chemical cleaner for quite a long time. We tested many cleaners, and finally we solved this problem and invented a special chemical cleaner which can enhance clean and stop bacteria. This chemical cleaner will be available to purchase in July.

Teaching consumers how to use the Hizero mop correctly improves their satisfaction. Hopefully they'll introduce more friends to the product, which means more sales
for you!

If you need more assistance or if you have any suggestions, please email dealer@hizero.com.

Reprinted from Floor Care & Central Vac Professional, July 2017