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Meander Publishing announces merge of magazines

Change…It’s a timely word. The politicians tell us “Change is on the way.” The economy tells us change is already here. And the machine quilting industry is undergoing rapid change as well.

When Meander Publishing acquired Unlimited Possibilities Magazine for stand-up machine quilters three years ago, there was a definite distinction between professional longarm quilters and the home quilting enthusiast using a domestic sewing machine or a small frame system.

Meander Publishing President Vicki Anderson said it became challenging to try to address the needs of both worlds in one publication, and this resulted in the launch of Machine Quilting Unlimited Magazine for the home quilter in December, 2007. In the meantime, the industry experienced tremendous growth. Longarm manufacturers recognized that some home quilters wanted a larger system for their personal quilting, but not necessarily as large as the professional machines. Sewing machine manufacturers tackled the same issue from their side. New manufacturers stepped up to fill the gap. New gadgets, rulers, DVDs, books and teachers were cropping up every week. Eventually, the gap was closed and new and exciting techniques, equipment, conventions and classes are available for ALL machine quilters.

Anderson said, “At Meander Publishing we realized that it was now challenging to publish two distinct magazines speaking to, in many cases, the same audience. We now find that our magazines are basically competing with each other. After much discussion and a lot of input from industry leaders, we decided to be proactive in this situation and combine the two magazines into one larger, more informative publication. We will retire the name Unlimited Possibilities. We will retain Machine Quilting Unlimited (MQU) as the title going forward. The launch of this new, combined magazine will be this month -- JULY 2009. The magazine will be published six times per year: January, March, May, July, September and November. There are sections for the professional, for the home enthusiast, and we will be adding a section for artistic endeavors such as art quilts and landscapes as well. We welcome your input as we move forward with this ambitious project.”

MQU is available for shop sales as well. Contact Anderson for details or if you have any questions or comments, vicki@meanderpublishing.com.

Reprinted from SQE Professional, July 2009