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TKO: Powerful, Proven, Profitable

Totally Kills OdorsLooking for a product whose cleaning ability "wows" customers? Try TKO Multi-Purpose Cleaner.

TKO ("Totally Kills Odors") is an extremely high performing enzyme-based cleaner and odor eliminating formula... Powered by 5 strains of bacteria producing 8 essential enzymes. TKO is manufactured to ISO 9001 specifications. Applications and treatments include urine, feces, pet & animal stains, smoke, skunk odors, and more.

TKO can be used on water safe surfaces such as carpet and concrete surfaces in addition to auto and commercial transit interior surfaces. It is a scientifically blended liquid concentrate that can be applied full-strength or diluted with water. Not to mention it is all-natural, biodegradable, eco-friendly, and safe. Case packaging and sizes include 12ea./32oz. quart carafe or 4ea./128oz. gallon with handle (also available in 30 gallon & 55 gallon drums).

Retailer Testimonials

"TKO is an effective and powerful product in our store. Customer feedback is always amazing. Robert continues to educate and inform us of all product changes and updates. Combine that with his knowledge of the industry, and selling and supporting TKO is a win-win for everyone."
~Jon Ellis, The Vacuum Store in Los Gatos, CA

"I was impressed with the product's effectiveness immediately upon using it in my home for various applications. TKO has become my store's best selling product in its category. I've sold many bottles at this point and have received zero returns from unsatisfied customers. There just doesn't seem to be a situation that this product can't rectify."
~John Shafer, Whitie's Pets, Fresno, CA

Totally Kills Odars

Reprinted from Floor Care & Central Vac Professional, February 2017