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SINGER® Sewing Company Leads Industry with New Comprehensive Customer Service Solutions

SINGER® announces extended customer service hours with
one-on-one Sewing Assistants and video chat technology, enhanced mobile app, and step-by-step Owner's Class videos

SINGER®, the world's leading sewing machine brand for 165 years, has redoubled its commitment to superior customer support and service by offering an array of tech-savvy solutions that significantly improve customers' capacity to learn about their machines, embark on projects, and solve problems even when their retailer isn't available to lend a hand.

Throughout 2016, SINGER®:

  • Rolled out extended one-on-one customer service hours – the most offered by any sewing machine manufacturer – to incorporate 11 more hours of service per week, amplified by a team of Sewing Assistants specially trained on innovative video chat technology
  • Enhanced its easy-to-access mobile app to include more machines, languages, and FAQ's.
  • Developed step-by-step Owner's Class videos that showcase key features and settings on select machines, ensuring the best possible out-of-the-box experience.

"Today's sewists have a right to expect instant access to information about their machines, and we believe it's our responsibility to provide that access," said Ann Bragg, Vice President of North American Mass Sales for SINGER®. "We have a legacy of exceptional customer service down through the generations, and in this era that means bringing the latest technologies to bear for the benefit of our retailers and customers. We know that when our customers are able to maximize their creativity because they fully understand their machine, SINGER® retailers enjoy brand-loyal customers and increased sales."

Personalized Answers from SINGER® Sewing Assistants
SINGER® Sewing Company's extended customer service hours, the most offered in the industry, mean that the company's team of experts and educators – also known as SINGER® Sewing Assistants – are available when the vast majority of sewists are busy at their machines. SINGER® Sewing Assistants not only are passionate about sewing and embroidery, they are specially trained to use GoToAssist's "Seeit" technology to walk customers through a myriad of questions and concerns ― from finding the right machine to working through a complex project to winding a bobbin.

Here's how it works: People asking for help just need the easily-accessible "GoToAssist Seeit app" (available for free download on any mobile device), and SINGER® Sewing Assistants connect directly with sewists via video chat. Similar to FaceTime, this feature allows sewists to show customer service representatives exactly where the problem is, and the two walk through a resolution together.

"Video technology has helped SINGER® Sewing Assistants be even more efficient and effective," said Kathy Soja, Director of North and South America Customer Service for SINGER®. "For example, if your machine isn't working for a specific project, you can simply hold up your phone and show your Sewing Assistant the issue. It's like having a sewing expert in your home sewing space."

SINGER® Sewing Assistants offer personalized customer service for 11 more hours every week. Hours are Monday – Friday from 8 AM - 8 PM CST, and Saturday from 8 AM to 2 PM CST. Sewists can reach SINGER® Sewing Assistants by phone (1-800-4-SINGER), email (talktous@SINGERco.com), and even on SINGER® social media channels (Facebook and Twitter). Customer support is available in both English and Spanish.

Mobile App Highlights Machine Features and Frequently Asked Questions
The SINGER® Sewing Assistant App (available for free download on iOS and Android mobile devices), the most advanced in the industry, is ideal for the many sewists, especially young DIYers/SIYers, who are familiar with mobile apps and want sewing tips at their fingertips. Available in eight different languages including English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Swedish, Czech and Turkish, the SINGER® Sewing Assistant App highlights key features of numerous machines; advises sewists on how to set their machine based on the selected fabric type and sewing technique; and answers Frequently Asked Questions for beginners.

"More than 10,000 people have downloaded the SINGER® Sewing Assistant App since it launched last summer," said Becky Hanson, Director, Education for SINGER®. "SINGER® sewists now have a portable guide to their machine anywhere they go. As we look to the future, we are eager to add more machine models to the App's lineup and will continue seeking new ways to engage with the new generation of sewists."

Online Sewing Solutions, 24/7
Recent research conducted by SINGER® found that a majority of sewists prefer learning how to use their machine from a person rather than reading a manual. As more sewists turn to the Internet and electronic devices to answer machine-related questions, SINGER® searched for a solution that was as close to human interaction as possible: machine-specific Owner's Class videos. SINGER® Owner's Class videos, available for the brand's most popular and newer model machines, detail how to use every machine feature in easy, step-by-step instructional videos. The videos are free to watch and are easily accessible on the SINGER® Sewing Company YouTube channel. Simply search for your machine name and
"Owner's Class" to see if your SINGER® machine has a video.

"SINGER® is the brand that taught the world to sew," said Soja. "Our Owner's Class videos continue the tradition. They are as close to having a one-on-one instructor as you can get – and available to customers any time the mood to create strikes."

Become a SINGER® Dealer
For more than 165 years, SINGER® has been committed to making sewing easy. To fulfill this mission, the brand is pairing its machine expertise along with innovative customer service support to better match the active lifestyles and creative ambitions of today's sewists.

To discover how you can become part of the SVP Worldwide family
as a SINGER® dealer, call 800-645-6755 today.


Reprinted from SQE Professional, February 2017