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Pals Products Inc. Meets Quilters' Needs

Pals Products Inc., founded by Gary and Janice Johnson in 2005, will be attending their first VDTA Show with a wonderfully economic product selection. They are particularly excited to showcase their new sewing table and sewing chair that will save customers both space and assemblage time.

Other popular products by Pals cater to the sewing and quilting industries. Pals' first product – Iron Pals – was designed to ease the annoyances of conventional ironing, though a local sewing machine retailer suggested to Gary and Janice that quilters would benefit from the product when ironing yardages of fabric. After approaching United Notions / Moda Fabrics with their idea, they introduced the product to market.

With Gary's background in manufacturing and engineering, Pals Products Inc. continued to develop other requisite items including Bolt Buddies, a product the solved a local quilt shop's dilemma of having to use straight pins on fabric bolts. Staff and customers were repeatedly pricking themselves and bleeding on the fabric, but Bolt Buddies' stainless steel clip minimizes side movement and keeps fabric tidy.

Then when Gary and Janice were challenged to create a hassle-free product for changing out quilt displays in shops and stores, the Pals Hanger was born. The Pals Hanger is a versatile, lightweight aluminum clamping hanger that connects together for any preferred length, significantly reducing ladder time and ladder risks. In addition to the Pals Hanger for quilt displays, the Pals Quilt Display Tower offers a way to display quilts and wall hangings independent of a wall, with or without a sleeve.

Pals Products Inc. strives to claim "Made in the USA" and is working to accomplish this goal for their hardware components, too. With their products being used by quilt guilds in Canada, The United Kingdom, and Australia, Pals is grateful to receive positive, unsolicited feedback from around the global and chart a course for their next improvement and innovation.

Visit Pals Products Inc. in Booth #940 at VDTA 2017 in Las Vegas