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Lindhaus Has an App for That

LindhausApplications – or "Apps" as they're known – have revolutionized cells phones, expanding their functions to no end. Lindhaus has now done this for the vacuum cleaner market! Whatever your floorcare need, Lindhaus has an app for that, not on a cellphone but an "application" in the form of various, multi-purpose vacuum attachments/accessories.

Few things are changing more rapidly than floor coverings: New materials, new styles, new designs all needing new and improved ways to care for them. Truth is, no single machine could handle the various floor coverings in a single home… until now.

Lindhaus has developed a platform in which every domestic Lindhaus vacuum cleaner has an array of applications that easily interface with the core product. Each "App" is an item that simply snaps on or is easily connected and never requires any tools.

Need to clean and self-polish a wood floor? There's an app for that. Now every Lindhaus can easily be converted to handle the task.

Want to set up your vacuum to go from carpet to bare floor and back again without changing anything? There an app for that.

How about converting your vacuum cleaner into a true high-performance broom-vac with swivel action maneuverability to effortlessly access those hard-to-reach areas. There's an app for that.

Need a soft bristle brush and vented plate to tackle a premium soft high pile carpet? There's an app for that. Simply snap them in and you're ready to vacuum the most ultra-soft high pile carpet.

Want to vacuum, deodorize, and detoxify mattresses? There's an app for that. Pop in one of the specialty brushes and you can vacuum away built-up skin cells and even deep shampoo the dirtiest mattress.

Need a more aggressive brush for commercial-style carpet with heavy debris or dried, caked on mud? There's an app for that. Now you never need any tools to change out a brush roller.

Need to shampoo high traffic areas and deeply stained carpet? There's an app for that. Pop in the conversion plate, and the new Lindhaus
Eco-Force line of vacuum cleaners with its exclusive water-resistant brush and bearing system will let you shampoo and restore the dirtiest carpet with nothing else to buy but the shampoo itself.

Need a blower or an air compressor? There's an app for that. Simply snap it on to any dual motor Lindhaus and you're ready to clean out dirty refrigerator coils or blow out keyboards / built-up dust in expensive computers.

"This is an exciting advancement for independent dealers," say Cliff Brady of Lindhaus. "This new snap in - snap out technology easily allows any Lindhaus to adapt to any cleaning need."

"But it's also highly demonstrable," adds Brady. "Showing your customers the specific app that fits their needs is like getting a custom-made cleaning tool for their unique home. It sets us apart from the single-use products so prevalent on the internet. It also leads to add-on sales, as the Lindhaus vacuum can be adapted as the needs of your customers change."

Come see the new Lindhaus line of floorcare equipment at the VDTA convention from Feb 12 – 14 at Booth 925 in Las Vegas.

Also plan on attending "Maximizing Profits in the New World of Floorcare" Sunday, February 12 in room S228 from 10:15 AM - 11 AM. This powerful open-to-all seminar presented by Cliff Brady will explore how any dealer can capitalize on and profit from this fast changing world of floor covering regardless of the brands you sell.

Reprinted from Floor Care & Central Vac Professional, February 2017