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Lindhaus to Introduce New Category of Floorcare Equipment at 2017 VDTA Convention

Introducing the world's first sweeper/vacuum cleaner combo: LS38 L-ion - LS38 Electric,
ideal for both hard floors and carpeted floors. It works as a sweeper to gobble up large objects with its patented "twin force" mechanical sweeping system, yet with the ON switch, it converts to a vacuum cleaner with powerful suction and a 6-stage filtration system.

With only 3.53 oz handle weight, a quiet and easy-to-use ergonomic telescopic handle, and 4 anti-scratch rubber wheels, this sweeper/vacuum offers amazing features. The swivel joint provides a precise steering effect. In addition, the central wheels pivot to allow incredible maneuverability and the base-height measures only 5.5 inches for easy access under furniture.

The LS38 is unique to the industry, entirely covered by an international patent. It combines the mechanical strength of two high-speed counter-rotating rollers – "twin force," – which rotate at 2000 RPM to provide suction over the entire sweeping width. In fact, these rollers are dynamically balanced and rotate at 2000 and 2200 RPM respectively for versions L-ion and Electric.

Rotafil designed, a new high-efficiency suction motor with an integrated drive system for the two brush-rollers makes this machine unique. The patented drive system with Poly-V / cogged drive belts allows the counter rotation of the brush-rollers to provide ultimate quietness and maximum reliability.

To obtain maximum suction together with maximum capacity to collect large debris, Lindhaus has patented an adjustable front flap to adapt the machine to any carpet. This feature makes the LS38 the go-to product for Soft High Pile Carpet. In seconds and with no tools, the Shampoo/Encapsulation converter (optional) can be installed to convert the LS38 to a very effective Low Moisture Carpet Cleaner thanks to the mechanical action of the brush rollers.

Maintenance could not be easier. No tools are required to replace the brush-rollers, to clean the brush area, or to replace the filters. The brush supports are metal with sealed ball bearings.

There is also a lithium-ion battery version available for home and professional use. The 36V-6Ah battery systems allow it to work continuously and effectively for 50 minutes on floors and about 40 minutes on carpet. Changing the battery takes seconds with no tools; in this regard, the user can easily extend runtime with a second (optional) battery. The total recharging time is very short:
only 90 minutes.


  • Ideal for any flooring surface
  • Incredible efficiency on carpets
  • Adjustable flap for large debris
  • Shampoo / encapsulation system
  • Maintenance with no tools
  • Lindhaus lithium-ion battery version available

Reprinted from Floor Care & Central Vac Professional, February 2017