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"In Home" Laundry Transport Product
at 2017 VDTA Show

Laundry Jet – a California-produced, patent-pending laundry air transport system – designed over 4 years and founded in 2016 became a finalist at the International Builders Show and will also debut as a New Product at the VDTA Show in Las Vegas. Its unique air transport system moves dirty laundry from any room in your house to the laundry room.

Inventor and co-founder Drew Henry states, "My wife and I have 5 awesome but occasionally untidy boys, and when we built our new home several years ago, we wanted to automate the transport of dirty laundry from the 4 bedrooms and bathrooms to the laundry room. As the home is on one level, we couldn't use laundry chutes. We also weren't fans of laundry baskets in each room, especially during football season! We searched everywhere and found nothing on the market at all, so as an engineer I applied an idea I had and created a 6" pipe network in the attic of our home and then designed in-room ports and the main laundry room 'Jet Pack' appliance."

Unlike a laundry chute that works from an upper floor to a lower floor, the solution has the power and technology to move laundry up into the attic pipe network and across the horizontal plane before descending again to the laundry room.

"We actually thought we had seen it in the Jetson's cartoon but couldn't remember," co-founder Graeme Roberts adds. "People would like to have options as to [how] they can [deal with] laundry."

Drew continues, "We solved all the technical challenges along the way over the last several years and added sensors, auto shut off's, and other technologies to perfect the system, including clearing a blockage if it were ever to happen. The kids love it and we have tidy bedrooms and bathrooms and no overflowing laundry baskets to haul around."

In recent years Drew and his long-term business partners invested in the company and the result was the launch of the new product line in September 2016 and its finalist appearance at the Jan 10th-12th, 2017 IBS show in Orlando, FL. Now in February, the Laundry Jet will be debuted to floorcare and sewing dealers at the 2017 VDTA Trade show and Convention.

To learn more about the company and its offerings, visit www.laundry-jet.com.
See the Laundry Jet in person at Booth #238!

Reprinted from Floor Care & Central Vac Professional, February 2017