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HIZERO 4-in-1 Bionic Floor Cleaner
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Founded in 2013, HIZERO Technologies Co Ltd specializes in innovative cleaning technology and now offers the world's first 4-in-1 bionic floor cleaner: the HIZERO.

Integrating wet cleaning tools (paper towels, mops) with dry cleaning tools (brooms, vacuums) in one machine, the HIZERO is a multi-function wonder. As the brainchild of engineers and designers, the HIZERO strikes the perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality inspired by the biometric principles of cleaning in nature.


  • The 4 cleaning functions include: sweeping, mopping, drying, and self-cleaning
  • The current generation is designed to clean hardwood / ceramic / flat surfaces, with plans for future models to clean more varied surfaces
  • 8 minutes of use cleans 100 square meters
  • 2 tanks, one for clean water and one for waste water
  • Head rotates to wide angles for hard-to-reach areas
  • Polymer roller head absorbs dirt and debris while leaving floors undamaged and unscratched
  • Battery life of 40-60 minutes depending on selected cleaning strength
  • Charging station included
  • Extra handle on back of the machine for easy lifting and storing

Don't miss the HIZERO in Booth #730

Reprinted from Floor Care & Central Vac Professional, February 2017