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About Your Current Lease?

If your lease expires in 2017, the time to discuss your options is right now! If you are looking to open a new store, expand your current store, relocate your existing store, or re-negotiate your current lease, ESR Commercial is your full-service, cost-free real estate partner.

ESR Commercial is renowned for getting cheap rents, free rents, and buildout for all their clients. As expert negotiators, we can take you through the entire process and make sure your deal is the best deal in the area - and as a VDTA member - all at no cost to you! If your lease is expiring soon, we can help you save money and a headache by leading you through the complete lease process, from finding your location to signing your lease and beyond.

Only those more experienced in the real estate world know the additional factors that can push the deal over the edge into "great deal" territory. These things can include economic factors like the landlord being responsible for part of or the entire A/C unit, little or no personal guaranty, and different allocations of security deposits among hundreds of other options that go into each lease.

We treat each deal differently, but with the same level of knowledge, attention, and precision. Best of all, our service, experience, and expertise come free of charge to all VDTA members. Contact Rich Aries
at (818) 802-4730 or richard.aries@esrcommercialrealty.com or Garrett Aries at (818) 519-5040 or garrett.aries@esrcommercialrealty.com to see what we can offer your business.

Stop by our booth at the upcoming Las Vegas VDTA
convention for a free consultation!
Don't forget to attend ESR Commercial's seminar -
"Leases and Landlords" - at the show as well!

Reprinted from Floor Care & Central Vac Professional & SQE Professional, February 2017