2017 VDTA Convention


How Will You Merchandise
for the Holidays?


Rather than our usual "A Peek At" poster, we've collected some of the best holiday merchandising ideas you might use in the next couple of months.

1. Use a Theme. While general "Christmas" store merchandising is festive and goes over well, consider a more specific theme: "Nutcrackers," "Snowmen," "At the North Pole," "Christmas Candy," etc. Use this specific theme to drive your store displays and decorations; it will set you apart from the other stores with general holiday themes.

2. Put Your Tree to Work. Do you put up a Christmas tree in your store? If so, make it work double-duty as a festive decoration and a way to display products. Besides putting ornaments and lights on the tree, place some of your popular products on the boughs and branches too. For a sewing store, this might be sewing notions.

3. Display "Opened" Gifts. Under the tree or elsewhere in your store, display "opened" gifts with your products inside. Do this by wrapping the lid and box separately. Place the box in plain sight (opened but with wrapping paper still on the outside) with your products inside. This connects the dots for customers, forcing them to envision your product as a gift.

ArtofBusiness also recommends wrapping up a product in its entirety and placing that wrapped box next to the same, unwrapped product on the shelf. This also forces customers to see how great your product looks as a gift.

4. Show Off Stocking Stuffers. Hang Christmas stockings (about $2 a piece at Wal-Mart) near the cash register with the products you've labeled "stocking stuffers" actually sticking out of the stockings.

5. Offer Holiday-themed Boxes or Envelopes for Gift Cards. When deciding if I should buy someone a gift card or just give cash, I always choose a gift card if a cutesy, themed box or envelope is available.

If the envelope or box is plain, I think: I'll just do it all at home. I end up decorating an envelope myself and using the cash from my purse. To avoid this loss of easy money, have some envelopes or boxes done up with Christmas designs, and put them out for display!

6. Make Vignettes. When creating table displays, think about making a "vignette" or "scene." Rose Displays recommends getting creative and having a 12 Days of Christmas vignette, with a new product placed or added to that display all twelve days before Christmas.

Vignettes can also be designed around products that make a "bundle," like a group of products you'd use for a spa day, baking in the kitchen, cleaning your car, etc.

7. Group with Price Points in Mind. Consider having a table with "Gifts $20 and Under" or "Gifts $50 and Under" to make shopping easy. Seeing how affordable each single item is, customers will likely buy more than one.

8. Highlight the Wants. Many professional merchandisers recommend highlighting products that are "wants" rather than "needs." Customers will always seek out what they need to buy, even if it's at the back… but they will not actively go hunting for something they simply "want." Take the obstacle of hunting away and put that "want" where it's easily seen; customers are more apt to buy it.

Reprinted from Floor Care & Central Vac Professional & SQE Professional, December 2017