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New Year, New Business Goals

Have you set your business resolutions for the New Year? If you're like me, I procrastinate until AFTER watching the countdown and ball drop… a little late, I know. One reason why people fail to achieve their New Year's goals is because of hasty resolution-making. Verizon's Small Business Resources recommend 3 steps to making better resolutions: brainstorming, organizing, and re-writing.

Brainstorming: When you make a New Year's resolution for your business, really dig in to the brainstorming process. Write on a white board, poster board, or chalkboard all of your potential resolutions. Have employees help, because they see different aspects of the business.

Organizing: After you've compiled a nice list (8-10 items), organize the list in different ways to calculate each resolution's overall value. Definitely organize from most impactful to least impactful.

Then you might organize by one or more of the following:

► Most money to implement – least money to implement
► Most time consuming – least time consuming
► Requiring the most manpower – requiring the least manpower

Then compare your lists! If one particular goal is the most impactful and least costly, pursue it! However, if another goal falls somewhere in the middle of the "impactful" scale but higher up on "manpower," you might need to give that goal more thought. Choose your top 3 goals that are the most valuable and realistic, taking into account your factors (impact, time, money, manpower, etc.).

Rewriting: After you choose your 3 resolutions, re-write them to be measurable. Get rid of words like "more"
and "better" and replace them with specific actions. Having a measurable action means having the tools to be accountable and find success!

What are your New Year's Business Resolutions? The VDTA wants to know!
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Reprinted from Floor Care & Central Vac Professional & SQE Professional, December 2017