2017 VDTA Convention


The Beauty of
Bionic Cleaning Technology


At the 2017 VDTA Trade Show in Las Vegas, one small booth attracted a lot of traffic.
That booth was Hizero, a new company exhibiting the F801 floor cleaner with bionic technology.

Hizero F801 uses a revolutionary cleaning technology that totally differs from traditional vacuum cleaning. By using bionic technology, the machine is able to achieve multi functions while using little electricity. The unique cleaning rollers imitate an animal’s “tongue,” while clean water acts as “saliva.” The process mimics the cleaning ability of living things; that’s why we call it bionic technology.

What are the beauties of bionic cleaning technology?
First of all, the F801 is a powerful floor cleaning tool that integrates SWEEP, MOP, WIPE, and SELF-CLEANING functions into one, to provide you with a bare floor cleaning one-stop service.

Tackles Any Task. Plus with stronger cleaning ability, the F801 is able to clean all daily household wastes like spilled coffee grounds, biscuit crumbs, pet hair, and spaghetti. The F801 is the world’s smallest solid-liquid separation machine, which can automatically separate solid and liquid waste. This feature makes it convenient for consumers to dispose of waste with much environmental care.

Self-clean. Hizero F801 self-cleans while it’s working, meaning it is ALWAYS using a CLEAN MOP to mop the floor. Compare this to a traditional mop, which needs to mop and then be cleaned, then mop and be cleaned again, over & over.

24/7 Standing By. As long as there is water in the clean water tank, F801 is ready for work, anytime. With a traditional mop, users need to do a lot of preparation work. But with the F801, you can mop anytime you need. Many customers have said that after using the F801, they get addicted to it!

In addition, many employees at Hizero have one sample F801 to test at home. One conclusion they made is that when the sample is brought in for upgrades, 1-2 days max, their family members won’t clean the floor until the F801 is safely back at home! They would rather bear a dirty floor than use inconvenient tools.

Long-running Battering Time. The F801 provides users with a powerful cleaning ability for more than 60 minutes after each charge, which is long enough to clean a whole house. If you have a huge house with all hard floors, you may need to refill the clean water tank several times (a filled clean water tank can provide 12 minutes self-clean under mode 1). Still, refilling a clean water tank every 10 minutes is much more convenient than having to recharge every 10 minutes.

Healthy. Vacuum cleaning technology inhales air and dirt, then blows it out. Micro-dust is inevitably released into the air. Hizero F801 applies bionic technology to provide a healthy experience for consumers without exhaust air.

Convenient. Though the F801 has a powerful cleaning ability, it’s incredibly convenient to use at the same time. What you need to do is fill the clean water tank before using, and dispose waste water and solid trash after use. Think of what heavy cleaning work it has done for you!

With revolutionary cleaning technology and amazing user experiences, Hizero F801 will be loved by countless end consumers.


Hizero will exhibit at the
VDTA Summer Show in Niagara Falls,
Canada this September.
See you there!

Reprinted from Floor Care & Central Vac Professional, August 2017