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Baby Care by e-cloth Earns The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval

TADgreen Inc.’s Baby Care by e-cloth was awarded the distinguished National Parenting Center Seal of Approval. The winning products include the Home Starter Set, Stroller & Car Seat Cloth, Table & High Chair Cloth, and Window & Mirror Cloth. These products join the rest of the line, awarded in December 2016. Products were put through true-to-life evaluations over an eight-week period to determine their “level of desirability, sturdiness, interactive stimulation, and other ingredients essential in the make-up of a quality product.”

Parents called these cloths “invaluable, handy, and remarkably effective when it comes to cleaning up just about anything around the house, especially baby food messes that get all over the highchair, countertops, even microwave ovens.” Parent testers were wildly enthusiastic in their praise for this chemical-free cleaning alternative. Over two months of testing, parents used it on baby toys, high chairs, counters, furniture, and cabinets. The cloths easily got rid of dried food, handprints, water spots, sticky juice spills, and more, all with little to no scrubbing while using only water! Testers were amazed that after simply getting the e-cloth wet and wringing it out, the cloth did exactly what it promised.

“Our top priority at e-cloth is to provide parents ultimate peace of mind,” said TADgreen Inc. President & CEO Allan Coviello. “It’s an honor to have received this endorsement from The National Parenting Center. We are thrilled to have been selected and will proudly display the Seal of Approval on all Baby Care by e-cloth packaging.”

Baby Care by e-cloth products:

  • Clean with just water, 100% eliminating chemicals sensitivities, allergic reactions, rashes, and asthma associated with the use of chemical additives, fragrances and dyes.
  • Clean better & faster than chemical cleaners
  • Are proven to remove over 99% of bacteria
  • Are reusable and guaranteed for 300 machine washes

“Give any parent the chance to spend less time cleaning and more time knowing that their child is not being exposed to harmful chemicals, and they will beat a path to your door,” said David Katzner, President of The National Parenting Center. “Our product testing division, run by independent testers including parents, educators, and panelists of The National Parenting Center, has determined that [Baby Care by e-cloth is] worthy of this special recognition.”

The National Parenting Center was founded with the intention of providing the most comprehensive and responsible parenting advice to parents everywhere. The advice provided is furnished by some of the world’s most respected authorities in the field of child rearing and development. That means that every product that bears the seal is one parents can trust. Learn more at http://www.tnpc.com/.

Baby Care by e-cloth is available at https://www.ecloth.com/Baby-Care-by-ecloth/ and a variety of retailers across the country. Baby Care by e-cloth eliminates the need for harmful chemicals which leave residues on surfaces and vapors in the air, protecting what’s most important – family. For inquiries about or to place an order, please contact ESSCO at
800-321-2664 or Sales@ESSCO.net.

About the Company: Chemical-free cleaning is now a worldwide movement and e-cloth is leading the way. e-cloth’s leadership is based on its assortment of high-performance, task-specific cleaning products that make it possible to clean any hard surface in the home, perform beyond user expectations, and provide a better clean in less time using just water and a cloth. Find out more at www.ecloth.com.

About the Award: The National Parenting Center’s Seal of Approval program is an independent testing procedure conducted to judge a variety of products introduced and marketed to the parent/child consumer market. The testing involves a multi-step process conducted over an 8 week period. Staffed by volunteers, the testing facility of The National Parenting Center gives parents, children, and educators the opportunity to examine a variety of submitted products. The testers are encouraged to play with, build, read about, and judge by the reactions of the children, each product’s quality.

Reprinted from Floor Care & Central Vac Professional, August 2017