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Lampe Berger:
For an Elegant AND Clean Home

Wouldn’t it be nice if our vacuums doubled as home décor? Imagine leaving your upright in the living room as statue art. Or hanging your attachments on the wall like a painting.

Most of us – your customers included – store our cleaning machines and products in a closet, on a shelf, even under the sink. But consider the alternative: keeping the things that clean our home in plain sight. The sheer convenience and accessibility is almost incomprehensible.

But not for Lampe Berger.

Lampe Berger provides those wanting a clean, fragrant, and elegant home with designer lamps and fragrances that match any interior as a permanent or semi-permanent fixture. The lamps and fragrances purify and perfume the air in enclosed spaces like no other product.

In fact, Lampe Berger takes less than 20 minutes to eliminate unwanted odors such as food, tobacco, and pet odors. It does not simply mask undesirable odor molecules, but destroys them while leaving the air purified. All the while, the room is also gently scented with long-lasting fragrance created by French Master Perfumers.
With factory headquarters now in Normandy, France, the history of Lampe Berger started 120 years ago with Maurice Berger in Paris. In the year 1898, Maurice, a pharmaceutical chemist, invented and patented a system of diffusion by catalysis…but he had another brilliant idea: to add fragrance to alcohol. With these two novel ideas came the revolutionary technology of purifying while perfuming the air, giving rise to the Lampe Berger Company.

The very first Lampe Berger lamp created is known as L’Originelle, though today there are over 50 exquisite scents (also available unscented) and over 100 lamp designs. Lampe Berger Paris retains over 160 employees around the world and sells over 800,000 lamps and 5 million liters of fragrance each year.

Lampe Berger USA (est. 1991) is a subsidiary of Lampe Berger Paris with a dedicated Sales and Marketing team based out of New York City. Lampe Berger products are sold in over 2,000 USA independent retail locations and can be seen at all major Gift & Home trade shows.

To learn more about Lampe Berger products and give your customers a CLEAN and ELEGANT home, contact:

Lampe Berger USA
Phone: 1.212.615.3100
Website: www.lampeberger.us

Reprinted from Floor Care & Central Vac Professional, August 2017