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It's Sew Easy TV Series 1300

Go Anywhere and Everywhere

Its Sew EasyWhether you are on your own or with a group, when you are on the go for work or just for fun, look and feel your best with It's Sew Easy. It's Sew Easy, Series 1300 will be available to all Public Television stations across the country. The shows are shot and posted at KS Productions Studios in Solon, Ohio. The scheduled initial air date was Thursday, June 22, 2017 from 1530-1600ET/HD 04 via NETA (The National Educational Telecommunications Association).

It's Sew Easy, Series 1300 is sponsored in part by: Brother International Corporation; Coats and Clark; KAIscissors.com; Prym Consumer USA; Floriani Products.


  • 1301 – Day and Evening: Create garments and accessories that transform everyday wear into eveningwear. Designer Angela Wolf sews a versatile knit skirt to mix, match, and accessorize. Pattern expert Deepika Prakash makes a simple swing dress in lush velvet for a special evening look.

  • 1302 – Vacation Indulgences: Take time off and plan a vacation. Designer Kay Whitt makes an easy, comfortable, and adjustable waistband for skirts or pants. Sewing educator Joanne Banko makes any day a spa day with a luxurious waffle-weave spa robe with colorful custom trim.

  • 1303 – On the Go: Arrive on time and in style. Embroidery expert Eileen Roche embroiders colorful and cool watchbands to add style to any outfit. Using versatile hardware, Carolina Moore creates the ultimate travel bag with roomy pockets for all your take-alongs. Upcycle designer Michelle Paganini has a tip for re-purposing notions and trims from resale garments.

  • 1304 – Take It With You: Add function and style to what you carry and what you wear. Designer and author Kay Whitt shares ideas for strong and stylish handles for any purse or tote. Upcycle designer Michelle Paganini refashions a shirt, then adds color and high style with a cool double collar. Joanne Banko has a tip for making welt pockets.

  • 1305 – Tropical Destinations: Create breezy garments that are your go-to wearables for tropical destinations. Designer Angela Wolf sews a perfect t-shirt to wear alone or under a jacket. Pattern designer and fabric expert Linda Lee shares tips for sewing on sheer fabrics inspired by a beautiful silk chiffon jacket or cover up. Michelle Paganini has more upcycling tips.

  • 1306 – Travel in Style: Be prepared for temperature changes indoors and out. Couture designer Angela Wolf sews a fashion-forward circle sweater with trendy peek-a-boo shoulders. Embroidery expert Eileen Roche captures travel memories in colorful embroidered patches using the most advanced embroidery technology. Sewing educator Joanne Banko has a tip for making an elegant evening bag to pack and take anywhere.

  • 1307 – Go Everywhere: Create and capture memories as you look and feel your best. Children's fashion designer Carla Macklin uses colorful bias trim to finish off sleeves, necklines, and open shoulders on a girl's dress. Author and educator Rebecca Kemp Brent sews a unique embellished box with a lid to stash photos, treasures, and souvenirs.

  • 1308 – High Adventure: Explore places beyond the ordinary wearing all the right gear. Designer Angela Wolf makes great-fitting leggings that take you around town or to the gym. Designer and blogger Alex Woodbury shares techniques for making an active-wear jacket using high-tech neoprene fabric. Angela Wolf has a tip for making leggings from any pants pattern.

  • 1309 – Coast to Coast: From coast to coast, today's designers have you covered. Blogger and sewing educator Joanne Banko embellishes a western-inspired shirt with embroidery and decorative stitches. An old subway map becomes a versatile tote in the hands of sewing expert Rebecca Kemp Brent. Angela Wolf shares a tip for sewing with tweed fabric.

  • 1310 – Pack and Go: Be ready to go – anywhere, anytime. Sewing blogger and busy mom Caroline Critchfield stays packed and ready with a handy bag made with clear vinyl and colorful fabric. Award-winning quilter Carolina Moore takes along paper-piecing projects so she can keep stitching wherever she goes. Alex Woodbury shares a charity sewing project.

  • 1311 – When the Wind Blows: When the wind blows and the rain falls, stay warm and dry. Sewing educator Joanne Banko uses cozy polar fleece to sew a fashionable ruana with embroidered details, inspired by those worn in the mountains of South America. Designer and blogger Alex Woodbury shows how to sew and finish specially-coated fabric to make a super-cute raincoat to keep you dry and on-trend.

  • 1312 – Inspired by Art: Shapes, colors and designs by art masters can fuel your creative energy. Upcycling designer Michelle Paganini adds a touch of modern art to a refashioned shirt using three-ply reverse appliqué. Couture designer Angela Wolf creates her own embellished denim fabric with free-motion embroidery using a fabric frame.

  • 1313 – Ski Trip: Hit the slopes in style. Designer and fabric expert Linda Lee uses a specialty fabric normally used for envelopes and home insulation to make a warm, stylish ski vest. Then, put your feet up and relax. Sewing educator Rebecca Kemp Brent captures vacation memories in a charming tuffet, embellished with top-stitching.

its sew easyAbout the Series: It's Sew Easy is available royalty free to NETA members and subscribers. The series is in the NETA Tape Library. For more information contact:
KS, Inc. Productions, www.ksonline.tv

About the Company: KS, Inc. Productions specializes in the creation, production, and marketing of how-to programming – mirroring the growing market of how-to enthusiasts. Many of the top rated how-to programs on Public Television are from KS, Inc. Productions. They include: Make It Artsy; Beads, Baubles and Jewels; Hands On Crafts for Kids; It's Sew Easy; Quilting Arts; and Fresh Quilting. Over the past 28 years, KS, Inc. Productions has produced 19 different titles and over 2800 episodes for Public Television.

In addition to how-to programs, KS, Inc. Productions develops and produces a range of video productions including numerous instructional and educational videos/DVDs in the how-to industry. All of the programming and video produced by KS Productions is enhanced with a complete social media marketing package including Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, and websites reaching how-to enthusiasts online.

Reprinted from SQE Professional, August 2017