2017 VDTA Convention


Letter from the Editor

I’m baffled by the contradiction that is “summer.” During summer, time passes equally fast and slow, and the days that start sluggish also somehow fly by.

For example, this past weekend, temperatures reached the upper 90s.
I spent a couple hours on Saturday trying to brave the heat, but by noon I retired to the air conditioning where laundry and a good book awaited. I thought to myself, “This weekend will be SO SLOW if I can’t be outside having fun.” But then I blinked and it was Sunday night, and I was preparing for the week ahead.

Do you face this summertime contradiction at work? Maybe summer is your slower season. You think, “I’ll have lots of time to work on my to-do list at the store. I’ll cross off some projects that have been on the list for far too long.” But now, August is here and you are preparing for fall/winter sales.

With these magazines, we try to keep time under control. We do our best to publish timely materials – things relevant to you NOW and in the near future. We are also renewing our commitment to publish time-saving materials – articles that will HELP you operate your business efficiently.

Here are a few examples:
Trade Show Information: VDTA is hosting a Summer Trade Show in Niagara Falls, Canada. To save you time and hassle, we have gathered all the need-to-know information on NIAGARA SHOW PAGES. This includes shuttle information, hotel information, class sign-up instructions, and more.

Also note: If you are driving to the show, check with your car insurance company to make sure your insurance is valid in Canada.

NEW VDTA Dealer Survey: We want you to pour your time and energy into business efforts that matter. And so, we have released the VDTA Dealer Survey. This survey will protect your privacy. Only dealers who complete and submit this survey will receive the compiled statistics. The data and statistics gathered will provide vital information on how to best move business and the industry forward.

Check out these items and more!

Tonya Tienter

Reprinted from Floor Care & Central Vac Professional, August 2017