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Hizero Makes Cleaning Easier!

Hizero Technologies was established in 2013, dreaming of making cleaning easier with innovative and advanced technology.

The tedious steps of floor cleaning – sweeping, mopping, and mop washing – have before been justified, but the Hizero engineers think otherwise: "We want to make floor cleaning into a fully automated process, as simple as using a washing machine."

This idea is not only a flash in the mind. Hizero engineers have been studying and working on liberating mankind from tedious housework since 2005. Starting from zero to one, from a sketch to a piece of art, that's the origin of the name Hizero.

"Perhaps the most surprising thing about our product is that it was inspired by a dog," says Hizero founder Sean with a smile. "We found it difficult to clean our floor, needing multiple tools and several steps. The noise of the vacuum also disturbed our family members, especially the baby."

"Then during dinner one evening, I accidentally knocked over a bowl of macaroni soup, which landed in the dog's plate. As I watched, he licked up everything – liquid and solid – leaving a completely clean surface. That was my 'aha' moment."

Thus was the world's first bionic cleaner born. Sean and his team of engineers and designers spent many years experimenting with different approaches and perfecting what would become the Hizero F801. The Hizero team made the first hand-made prototype in 2016 successfully.

Hizero Bionic Floor Cleaner F801
What makes Hizero's floor cleaner different?

  • Combines the capacities of a powerful vacuum cleaner and a damp mop in one smart, easy-to-use appliance
  • Automatically divides solid from liquid waste for easy disposal
  • Cordless up to 80 mins each charge, power dissipation 40W·h maximum
  • Whisper-quiet operation won't disturb pets, babies, or neighbors
  • Unique polymer roller head ensures a spotless floor with no damage or scratches
  • Dual-tank water system keeps the roller clean throughout the cleaning process

The dual-use, cordless, self-cleaning, and nice-looking Hizero F801 was named Product of the Year at the 2017 VDTA Show recently held in Las Vegas. "We're extremely excited about the award," says Sean. "We were pretty sure we had a great product, but when we won the VDTA Product of the Year Award, we knew we'd really nailed it."

Continuous innovation
"Hizero F801 is the first product we brought into market; we have invented more advanced models and will launch them in the future," says Sean. "Not only a bionic floor cleaner, but we are also inventing some other amazing cleaning tools. We'll keep innovating."

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Reprinted from Floor Care & Central Vac Professional, April 2017