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Call for Content:
Dealer Writers!

The VDTA•SDTA is YOUR industry trade association, and SQE Professional™ and Floorcare-Central Vac Professional™ are YOUR trade magazines! We are proud to feature press releases from manufacturers and distributors, columns from business professionals both within the industry and outside of it, and the latest developments in news.

We'd like to expand this selection even further and encourage you – the dealers – to take up the pen and
submit articles for publication. If you're feeling anxious about this opportunity and have questions, here is what you need to know:

  • Don't worry about re-inventing the wheel: Afraid you don't have anything "new" or "exciting" to say?
    Don't worry! Some of the best articles we publish serve as reminders of best business practices. Also, reiterating opinions or viewpoints shows that there's truth in what you're saying, that others agree on a way to make business better. Even writing about your experience with a difficult customer helps fellow
    dealers realize they are not alone in their challenges. Just write about what you see, know, and do.
  • ...But don't be afraid to offer something new: If you have a contrary opinion or novel idea, definitely write about it! We aim for our magazines to be the venue of critical and innovative thinking. Sharing a new idea with your fellow dealers via our magazines – and asking them to give you feedback – is a great way to determine if it's something worth pursuing or needs further evaluation.
  • So you're not a silver-tongued wordsmith? That's OK! I find that new writers – or people who want to be writers – fear they aren't good enough. They are afraid their words won't sound right, that they'll make spelling mistakes and grammar errors, that their writing isn't "polished." THAT'S OK! I would be out of a job if every article sent to our offices was perfect. My job as an editor is to do the "polishing" and "correcting." Your job as a writer is to put an idea on the page.
  • Feedback isn't required: Several of the people who contribute articles encourage readers to email them with feedback. If this makes you uncomfortable, there is no need to solicit comments or reactions to what you wrote.
  • No commitment required: If you submit one article, that's great! If you submit two, that's great! If you submit them monthly, that's great too! We do not require all writers to commit to regular columns, though many do so willingly. If you have a one-time only idea for an article, pursue it.
  • Common topics: If you don't know where to start, consider one of these topics.
    1. Customer Service (good or poor)
    2. Training Employees
    3. Motivating Employees
    4. Advertising and Marketing
    5. Sales (big-ticket items and gateway items)

Our July issues of SQE Professional and Floorcare-Central Vac Professional will feature "Dealer Guest Authors," meaning dealers who are interested in writing but may not have submit articles before or have not submit them consistently. First-time and experienced writers are welcome to send in their work. A half-page article usually requires 300 words. A full-page article requires around 600 words. No photographs are necessary, though they are welcomed.

The deadline for July "Dealer Guest Author" articles is May 20, 2017. Email your article to Managing Editor Tonya Tienter at tonya@vdta.com.

Of course, if you don't want to wait, send your writing in now.
We look forward to growing our publication with you!

Reprinted from Floor Care & Central Vac Professional & SQE Professional, April 2017