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Letter from the President
What's in your email name?

Have you ever really thought about the email name that you use in your business?

A few years ago, a neighbor of mine wanted to start an orthodontic appliance company out of her home. She had worked in an orthodontics office for some time and knew that industry. She had asked me to help with some brochures and other marketing materials to feature at her work.

We started working on the marketing materials and when I was finishing up, I asked for her e-mail for the brochure: Bighotmama@...Well I was almost speechless, which is really unlike me.

So, what's your email say about you? We are in a professional business. When we send emails to clients, we want them to "open the email." I assure you, I do not open any email that is Bighotmama@... or anything similar.

Your customers want to know who they you are getting e-mails from. With all the spams and scams on the Internet these days, everyone is or should be extremely cautious when opening up e-mails. And there is no reason why you should not have a great business email that represents you and your company.

All I am suggesting is that you evaluate your e-mail. It should represent you as a professional business person and believe me, info@vacuumxyzstore.com is better than Bighotvacman@....

And my neighbor, well after a short conversation, we came up with an e-mail that would not offend anyone and that explained her business using gmail or AOL.

Judy Patterson



Judy Patterson

Reprinted from Floor Care & Central Vac Professional & SQE Professional, April 2016